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Home learning 2021

This term our topic is 'Food Glorious Food'. Our class will be looking at honey, and how it is made. 

Please see below for your home learning tasks: 


Wednesday 13-01-21

Bore Da Dosbarth Oxwich.

Today we will be thinking about Children’s Rights:      ‘You have the right to be kept safe’.

In these unusual times it is important that we think about what keeps us safe.  How can we stay safe and happy with good health and well-being?  Please complete the 3 tasks below.  Remember to bring your drawings to school with you so that we can display them on the walls in the class. 

Have fun and stay safe!

1.  Please watch the short video clip below:       

 Woody was trapped and scared and did not feel safe.

Answer these questions:

a.    What makes you feel safe?

b.    Is there anything that makes you feel unsafe?

c.    What can you do to keep yourself safe?

Write your answers on paper.

2.  Draw around your hand.  Label each finger and your thumb with the things that make you feel safe.  Carefully colour in your handprint in a colour of your choice (maybe a selection of colours) taking care not to hide the words you have written.  

3.  Watch the video below and enjoy drawing a kind handshake.  This shows that we care about each other!  


Friday 08-01-21

Maddie is a young lady who keeps bees with her mum. In this video, she explains how bees make honey.

Watch the video  

Write at least 5 facts that you learn in the video. You may need to watch it a couple of times.

You can write more than 5 facts if you feel like a challenge!


Thursday 07-01-21

Use the internet to research Chinese recipes. Find a Chinese starter and a Chinese main meal. 

Write out the ingredients needed for each recipe, and the method to make it. 

When you have finished, you could draw the meal. 

Take a picture of your work and upload it to Dojo if you can. 

If you are able to get the ingredients, you could even try to cook the meal if your family says it is OK. 


Wednesday 06-01-21

Watch this video about Chinese New Year:   

Write out the names of the animals in the race and put them in the correct order. 

Check your spelling.

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