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Resources for students working at home.


As we approach the start of the Summer holidays it is a good time to think about how the year has gone.

It has been a very strange time where we have all been asked to do lots of things in different ways. 

We have all been very proud of you all and how you have been when you came back into school.

Here are some activities to help you think about the last year.

Memories of the year.

Leavers poem

Quiz - picture quiz.

Summer activity book

World Quiz

Online games - money skills



Great news - the barbers and hairdressers are opening again!

We have had great times in class when you have had haircuts and beard trimming sessions.

This week we will look at all the businesses that are allowed to open again.

We can also go on longer journeys outside of Swansea.

Funny haircut song.

Newsround - getting your hair cut at home.

Literacy - key words for hairdressers

Sequencing activities - going to the hairdresser.

Fun games to play on a car journey.

Alphabet game for a car journey.

Template - write about a trip you might go on.



This week is a very special week, we are meeting up again in school.

You will have a chance to see your friends and spend time together.

Here are some activities you can try at home on this theme.

We'll Meet Again - a song by Dame Vera Lynn and Katherine Jenkins

What is friendship - sorting activity.

Art - Design a hoodie for the leavers in our class.

Literacy - a writing task about this year.

How amazing are you?

Quiz - on friendships


This week we will look at different sports. The football season has started again and there are lots of matches you can watch on TV.

Have a think of a sport you like doing or watching.

Here are lots of activities for you to try this week.

Video - How you can develop your football skills in lockdown.

Online fun quiz - what sort of football celebration are you?

Maths - football themed activities for different levels.

All about me - football activity

Football maths - counting to 20

Literacy - Ronaldo fact file.

Science - video about the Summer solstice





Bee week

My garden is very busy at the moment with bees flying around the flowers.

This week I would like you to find out more about bees and how important they are for the world.

Find out facts about bees.

Look at these amazing bee fact cards.

Maths - bee themed halving activity.

Spelling bee - try this spelling quiz.

Video - why do bees like flowers?

What does a bee expert look like - have a look.

Honey recipe ideas.

Finally - draw or paint a picture of your garden and try to include a bee. 

Enjoy bee week! Buzz buzz........




World Ocean Day 

This is a time to think about how connected we are to the sea. In Swansea we are all very near to the sea at all times.

Try out these activities to learn more about our seas.

Video - find out how important an ocean is.

Film - what is coral?

Pictures of creatures in the sea around the UK.

Quiz - what do you know about plastic?

D&T - make a bridge activity.

Reading - information about oceans.

Maths - crack the underwater code!



June is the start of the Summer season. These are some activities to try at home. 

I hope you are all well, try to get fresh air every day - it really makes a difference. If it is too hot in the day try earlier in the morning or after 5pm - its lots cooler then.

Ideas for planning each day - lots of activities.

D&T - design your own sunglasses

Welsh - Summer pairs matching game

Daily Maths challenges

Game - guess the place value

Game - helicopter rescue number game

Read a great story about a Sea Cave

Spelling games - lots of levels


Brrrr its cold outside.

This week we will look at some very cold places to live, we will find out about the animals that live there.

Video and a quiz about living in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Freya shares stories about life in Antarctica

Facts and photos of polar bears.

Video - find out about King Penguins in Antarctica

Maths - Arctic themed odd and even numbers

Art - sketchpad activity - draw animals you see in the videos

Mindfulness - Arctic animals colouring

Literacy - animal fact files

Spelling - Polar regions keywords

Money skills - work out your change when you go shopping.


Gardening week

The garden centres have opened again. Lots of families will be really happy that they can choose plants and grow vegetables.

Look at the activities below and find out about how plants grow.

Video - what does a plant need to grow?

How to grow vegetables from vegetables you already have.

Label the parts of a plant

Sentence writing - how does a bean grow?

Welsh - name the plants in a garden centre

Game - guess the sounds in the garden

Maths and Science activities in the garden



VE Day 75- Victory in Europe Day - marks the end of the fighting in Europe in World War 2.

There were lots of plans to remember this event this week. Sadly the plans have changed. It is still an important event that we should find out about.

Cook some wartime recipes

Find out all about VE Day

Watch a video about VE Day

Video - code breaking during the war

Ration book Maths activity

Photographs of VE Day 75 years ago.

Newsround - facts about VE Day

Code breaker - try to crack the code



Space Week

Did you see the satellites in the night sky last week?

Did you watch the meteor shower?

This week we will find out about the planets and lots of interesting facts and activities about space.

Name the planets

Solar system word search

Technology - make a solar system mobile

Welsh - name the planets in Welsh

Satellites power point

Space - count to 20

Space themed Maths activities

The NASA website - lots of interesting facts.

Learn all about Neil Armstrong - the first man to walk on the moon!



Summer is here - these are some lovely activities you can do at home. The weather is good this week. You could sit and watch the birds in your garden and try some of these tasks.

Bird watching 

Reading activities linked to birds

Scavenger hunt activity

Maths activities - counting birds

Fun online games from the RSPB

Fun facts about nature.

You could take photographs of any work that you do and upload it to your Hwb account using J2E.

The school Facebook account has many ideas for activities that can be done at home.

Each student has been given their Hwb login on a card in their pack.

These are some links to resources that might be helpful at home.

Each student spent time choosing a book to take home that they wanted to read.

Please could parents/carers support the students to read the book they have chosen. 

The websites below have many ideas and materials to support learning at home.


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