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To our Caswell class

Hope you are all feeling settled at home. Please keep yourselves busy and if there are any tasks you can do to help around the house that would be amazing! You would be gaining life skills too. If you do helping tasks please take photos as we will have lots to catch up on when we go back to school together. 

I will update and give resources for you to try at home but remember your happiness is the most important thing so keep doing those things that make you feel happy and safe.




Please keep looking at the school website as there is a signing song each week. You could watch and join in?

Your staff team are thinking of you lots. Looking forward to seeing you when it is safe for us to all be back together. 


Week beginning 4th January 2021

Activity 1

Happy New year Dosbarth Caswell

Please look on the main Dojo site for some video and activities.

Activity 1: New Years eve

New Years eve 2021 around the world

Hogmanay Goodbye 2020

Think about what things you would like to do this year?

Practice writing in foam or on paper the year '2021' there is a tracing activity sheet to support you attached below

Extension: You could write something you would like to get better at for 2021.


Activity 2

Our new topic is: Food glorious foods

Food glorious food!

Make a list of your favourite foods or do a sorting activity with foods in your home - 'foods I like' ' foods I don't like'

Watch the story below:

Story pass the jam Jim

There is a visual sequencing sheet attached, can you make your own jam sandwich? Did you like the jam sandwich?

What words rhyme with jam? Extension: write down the words rhyming with jam

Play with rhyming words:

Play Mr tumble rhyme time


Activity 3

Healthy eating linked to our food topic 

Healthy eating Mr Tumble

Can you cut the healthy foods into the lunchbox? - activity attached below

Can you sort some of the foods in your food cupboard into 'healthy' (fruits and vegetables) and 'not healthy' (sweets, biscuits)?

Part of being healthy is doing some exercise, can you go for a local walk or even try out the feel good dance below:

Feel good Friday dance

Have a lovely week and do get in touch if you have any questions.


Week beginning 2nd November

Hope you all had a lovely half term. Please get out for a walk in your local community when you can. We have been developing our road safety skills this term by following the simple steps. STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. THINK. Full support is still needed in crossing roads safely but if you could recap on these safety terms it will reinforce road safety awareness.

Our next Musical will be Aladdin, so watch the film or song clips. What is your favourite version? The original cartoon or the new one? What is your favourite song? Feel free to message me anything you really enjoy and I can make sure I include it in our class planning (message on dojo if easier)

Aladdin topic:

A whole new world

Prince Ali

One jump ahead cartoon version

Go on your very own magic carpet ride:

Virtual magic carpet ride


We have been developing our communication skills in class have a look at this video and try out some signs:

Makaton - firework

Singing hands Halloween signs

Numeracy and communication

5 Pumpkins sign along song


Numberblocks number skills

Health and Well being:

Chair yoga Monster mash

Body boogie

Happy dance


Music and action songs

Creative skills:

Firework picture

Or use chalks to do firework pictures on black paper or just experiment and see how you can make different colour explosions! Some more ideas:

Please get out  for local walks and look at the beautiful autumn colours and do things that make you happy.


Get in contact with any messages on our class dojo.


The class team look forward to seeing you all soon.



Week beginning 13th July

I really can not  believe it we are coming to the end of the Summer term. It has been wonderful to get to know you in class and I can't wait for September when we can all go back to school. 

In September we have a new classroom.

There is a new program that we can use together called Flipgrid. You can watch a few videos that I have made, one is a tour of the new classroom. It would make my day if you are able to post a video of you waving, signing, saying hello or even singing! This flipgrid is for Dosbarth Caswell only. Attached below are instructions for how to use Flipgrid that Mrs Clark has kindly made. You will need your hwb log on details that were in your home learning packs. If you need a reminder just send me an email.

I have sent the password to you via schoop.


If you successfully get onto Flipgrid you will see this

Click on the pictures to watch the videos. click on the add button to add your own private message. Please remember this is completely optional.

Your final home learning challenge for the summer is to create a bag all about you! 

If you are able to do this it will be a wonderful way to celebrate each other, only you will be able to touch the items in your secret bag!

Finally have a wonderful Summer holiday and I really can't wait to see you all in September!



Week beginning 6th July

I hope you are keeping well.

For numeracy and music this week please take a look at:

Two times table song

Ten times table song

Five times table song

My favourite one! -  Six times table song

If you would like to you could write some of the multiplication sums out.

Life skills tasks: Can you design your own crazy sandwich? What filling would you put inside?

What would you call your crazy sandwich?

Can you do a weekly job? Can you help hang out the washing when the weather is sunny or can you clean the windows?

Can you pop different letter sounds - I saw this activity and thought of you! So if you have some bubble wrap please have a go. You could write out your name or someone else could write in out for you. Can you pop the sounds in your name? If you enjoy this you could try other interesting words.

Finally... Relax! You enjoy our relaxation sessions in school so have a look at this and take in the beautiful sounds and underwater feeling! Under sea relaxation

Have a lovely week - we are thinking of you! 

Week beginning 29th June

It is lovely to see some of you back in school this week! 

You could play the 'favourites' board game with your family, all you need is a dice. Maybe your family can guess your answers and you can give them a thumbs up if they answer correctly.

Have a think about your favourite things: favourite things from the sound of music

Our next topic is musicals so think about your favourite musicals and your favourite songs from musicals, if you can share these with me that would be brilliant as I can make sure I include your favourites in my planning.

Here is my favourite: 

The circle of life from the Lion king

Can you think what your favourite meal is? With some help, can you make your favourite meal? You could sit down to eat it with your family? You could also have your favourite drink with it. Please email me any photographs I would love to see. 

You could try out a new form of exercise Disney work out videos.  My favourite is 'I wanna be like you' from the Jungle book what is your favourite work out dance?

You could go on your favourite walk and talk about how it makes you feel.

Enjoy lots of your favourite things this week - I think I might even treat myself to my favourite chocolate bar and watch my favourite film! (it is favourites week after all!)

Have a wonderful week everyone! 


Week beginning 22nd June

Really looking forward to seeing some of you next week for a 'check in' day in school. This week please focus on life skills, have a look at the list of jobs you could do around the home. What jobs do you like doing? What jobs do you not like doing? Can you learn to do a new job to gain a new valuable life skills? The photos below are just ideas, please do what works best for you and your family.

The other focus is on sport

Be great to try some new sporting activities in your home.

Enjoy beautiful walks in your locality as its going to be a sunny week! Looking forward to catching up with you and your families.


Week beginning 15th June 

Hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful sunshine. This week please choose as many activities as you would like to take part in!

Have a look in your garden or when you are out on a walk for butterflies - how many have you seen? Have a look at the colours and patterns on them. If you wish to you could get involved in the  Big butterfly count

Money, money, money - have a look at different coins, can you sort them into sizes, can you name the coin? Can you play shop in your home and buy different items or maybe have your own snack cafe in your kitchen (biscuit 2p, fruit 5p drink 10p) Build on your skills playing Coin calculator

Get creative, can you design and make your own water play area in your garden?

Developing writing skills

Write shapes, letters, words in foam - have fun developing your writing skills

Make an awesome pizza, see the recipe sheet attached at the bottom of the page or even find your own recipe! 

Finally it is Fathers day on Sunday! (sshhh its a secret!) - see activities attached to make your Father or Grandfather or anyone special feel important. You could design them a tie using the sheet and sticking on different coloured shapes or make them a card! Even if you don't make anything, find a way to make them feel loved!

The Caswell team are so proud of you all!


Week beginning 8th June

Today is World Ocean day for Schools - have a look at the wonderful activities and clips on:

I have attached a World Ocean day word search and a search and find Numeracy activity.

You could even do some  Under water yoga

Tuesday 9th June is Empathy day - there are some fun books and resources found here: Empathy Activity pack

Watch the Rainbow fish story Can you cut out different materials and different colours from magazines to make a colourful collage or even cut colourful scales to put on a fish template!

Make a rainbow fish fruit kebab for you or a family member to try! - see sheet attached below.

Please listen to this story 'mixed' a lovely message about accepting difference Mixed story

Do a painting activity and see what happens when you mix different colours together - what colour do you like the most?

Have a go at your very own 'mixing' colours science experiment:

Have a lovely week and please remember how special you are to us!

A key message from us all - 'Don't worry about a thing because every little thing will be alright!'


Week beginning 1st June

I hope you all had a lovely half term. Did you see the space rocket in the sky on Saturday evening? This week's work is linked to space rockets

Have a look at the following links:

Rocket man

Can you make your very own space rocket out of recycled materials?


What special things would you take in your space rocket? You could cut and stick items out of a magazine to record your ideas or even write a simple list. 

You could do your own Science investigation in the sunshine! Put different items into a large bowl or paddling pool and see if they float or sink, below are some suggested items:

Practice your counting skills, 5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF! Can you count backwards from an even higher number?

Finally try your own Cosmic Space yoga

Space yoga

Please enjoy your space adventures and keep having fun with your families!


Week beginning 18th May

Sunshine - feel good track

Bring me sunshine

Enjoy this week's sing sign video - spot the frozen teacher! This week's work will be linked to the sun!

What is the sun?

Have a look at the video and see if you can answer the questions.

14 day photo challenge

I know you are enjoying being out and about - see if you can complete the photo challenge above.

On the 21st May it is outdoor classroom day - which basically means have fun outdoors! Here are some fun ideas:

Outdoor classroom day -  resources

Fun with mud!

Have a look at the weather each day - record how many days of sunshine there are using a simple tally

Watch the seasons clip - there is a game underneath can you sequence the seasons?

The seasons

I have attached 3 new sheets linked to this weeks theme - the sun:

A sun dot painting activity

Design you own sun glasses

All about me Sunshine 

It you want to show me any work you have completed please email it to me - I would love to see!

Have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine! 

Mr Bean chasing the sun


Week beginning 11th May

I hope you all enjoyed your VE day celebrations at the weekend. This week we will be exploring: 'what a wonderful world!'

You may recognise some familiar faces!

Listen to the song what colours do you hear in the song? Maybe you could do a piece of art work with some of the things you hear in the song or go out for a walk and look for some of these wonderful things we see around us.

Here are some wonderful things I spotted on a nature walk. Maybe you could take some photos of things you see too?

Use the link below to try out different instruments and sounds to create your own song:

Music lab song maker

I know some of you enjoy exploring Google earth

Explore  Google earth

Can you find your home? Can you find our school? Can you find the 7 wonders of the world? Can you find a place you have visited on holiday? 

I have attached a world map template. You could colour it in and look at the different countries. Can you locate the united kingdom? Can you even spot Wales?

If you can get hold of some old travel brochures or magazines you could cut out images from around the world and create a collage.

Google maps

Have a look at wonderful places near to where you live!

Have a go at doing some outdoor Art or planting in your own garden:

I have also attached a bird watching identification sheet and a bird watching tally. This is something you could do from your own home.

Please continue to help around your home and develop your life skills by making your bed and helping with cooking activities.

Remember we live in a wonderful world and will be back together exploring the wonders of nature soon! 


Week beginning 4th May

Our theme for this week is well being. Please watch last weeks sign along song You'll never walk alone

A message from us all:


Our activities this week are linked to the 5 ways to well being.

Connect with people you know, please get involved in the whole school challenge below:



Connect with others by producing a piece of Art work for the video or simply have fun with a family member creating something together.

Be Active Try to do some daily exercise, if you can get out and go for a sensory walk

Keep Learning

Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement, try something new to cook for your family or make a new piece of Art or try a new exercise program: For example Cosmic kids yoga

As we are celebrating VE day on Friday - try this Art activity

Give to others, even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference.

I know Harvey has been making bows to thank the NHS and cheering up the community. 

As VE day is coming up on Friday you could decorate your window with some bunting or create a thank you card to a family or friend member who is a key worker, there are some thank you colouring sheets attached to the bottom of this page. 

Simply give someone the gift of your kindness in your house and help them or make them a snack! Here are some ideas of acts of Kindness for May:

Take notice

Be more aware of the present moment and the things around you. Take time in your day to relax! Below are some suggestions:


We are missing you all and can't wait to see you. Hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend:


Week beginning 27th April 

I hope you enjoyed creating your rainbows. Have a watch of Somewhere over the rainbow you may spot some rainbows and people that you recognise!

Well done to Harvey who has been brightening up his community with rainbows , a lovely way of spreading happiness. Well done! 

I know you have been enjoying going out for walks in the fresh air - here is a scavenger hunt to enjoy while out and about.

(Parents please feel free to take a photo on your phone so you can spot things when out and about - please note I have attached a letter that you can use if you need to do more than one walk a day to support your child's well being)

Our theme for this term would be sport so doing any exercise task would be fantastic! This looks fun, you could make your own exercise mat using your hand prints and foot prints. Great for following directions too!

I know you all enjoy Art so here are some Art ideas linked to the Olympics.

Some videos linked to sport you may enjoy watching are:

Mr Tumble Sports

Sports day story

Because I'm happy - dance along

Take care Dosbarth Caswell and we will see you soon. Please get in contact to share photos of things you are doing or if you have any questions, we love hearing how you are getting on.

Please have a look at resources attached at the bottom of the page and have a look at previous weeks learning tasks for websites and more learning ideas. Remember the most important thing is your safe and happy! 


Week beginning 20th April

Hope you have all received your rainbow card with Easter treats! The card links with our topic this week 'rainbows'

Please join in with the rainbow challenge if you can. Please remember to watch our Friday feel good sign along song on the Ysgol Pen Y Bryn facebook page - somewhere over the rainbow - maybe you could learn some signs?

If you would like to do this activity there is a rainbow template attached to this page.

I know many of you enjoy sensory activities so here are some other rainbow learning ideas!:

Have a watch of  Lliwiau'r Enfys

Attached at the bottom of the page is a Outdoor colour hunt sheet. A rainbow template, A Welsh rainbow template.

You could try making a rainbow fruit kebab with your favourite fruits - how many different colours are their on your fruit kebab?

Maths: Data handling: Could you find out the favourite colour of each family member, you could display as a list and tally

I have attached a Smartie tally and bar chart - if you can get hold of a packet of smarties! 

You could sort your clothes into colours and organise them in your clothes drawers/ wardrobes!

To build on letter recognition and keep you fit - take a look!

Maybe you can get your family to join in with you?

Finally - Mr Tumble teaches us how to sign the colours: take a look: Signing the colours

These are suggested activities - please pick and choose and remember we will see each other again - our rainbows are a reminder of that.



Week beginning 30th March

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to catch up with you and your families. Please use the resources to help you with your learning.

Some of you are finding it hard to understand why you are not in school. This animation may help explaining things.

Explanation of Coronavirus

We have been developing our life skills. There is a sheet attached for more ideas.

I know you enjoy our shopping trips so if you can help sort and put away shopping in your own home, an excellent way to develop independence skills and help in the home.

We greatly enjoy cooking together and as Easter is coming up, I have attached some fun Easter cooking activities.

It may be a fun activity to hide Easter eggs in your garden and time how long it take family members to find them. If a family member could hide Easter eggs and give you simple directions to find them this would be a fun communication activity.

If you watch the following video you may spot some familiar faces! I have also attached the signs so you could sign along with us? 

A little help from my friends

We will be doing a different sign video every week the next video is a class favourite - so I will be a great surprise!

I have attached some other signing resources and emotion cards to support your learning and well being.

As you enjoy listening to stories try stories online

Try PE with Joe and if you miss the 9am live session you can catch up and do it another time PE with Joe

You enjoy yoga in the classroom so why not try it in your home Cosmic kids yoga

There are great fitness activities, healthy lunch ideas and hand washing tips at Change4life

I hope your bean plants are showing signs of growth. If you enjoy growing things, you could plant a sunflower seed and measure how big your sunflower grows? 

Please look at the familiar learning websites listed below and remember to keep doing activities that make you feel happy. Create a visual plan for each day so you know what is expected. 

Below are some of your choosing time favourite clips to make you feel happy: 




I hope you get to enjoy your Easter break and get to enjoy some chocolate eggs or jaffa cakes! 

Know we are so proud of you for staying home and keeping yourself and your families safe. Remember we will all be back together again soon sharing a lovely breakfast together!


Week beginning 23rd March

Have a look at these comics online and read / look at your favourite stories, newspapers or magazines

Keep up to date with the news by watching newsround

I know you enjoy cooking so try making some new dishes for your family. I have attached some useful cookery resources.

Hand washing is really important at the moment this video will help you make sure you are washing your hands correctly.

We have been developing our attention skills through our Attention autism sessions. 

Parents for some more information about how it works please see:  Information on Attention Autism

If you would like to have a go you will need a bucket and you could try out some of the activities below:

Attention Autism bucket ideas

We enjoyed our daily weather watch if you would like to complete some practical activities linked to the weather please see weather activities

Art Activity - Can you paint a rainbow and put it in your window? Lots of children are doing this to bring hope and spread happiness.

Finally, structure is a key part to the day - please see some symbols/resources attached or make your own symbols to create a visual timetable for home learning.

Please contact the school if you have any questions and I will find a way of getting in contact with you.


Week beginning 16th March

In addition to the learning resources that were sent home. Please see the resources below.

Dosbarth Caswell brought home their own beans to grow link to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk: The story is below.

They can keep a bean diary or  just be encouraged  to take care of their bean plant!

Learning games

Resources to print off for Home learning

Well being and health 

5 min moves - Being active

5 minute moves


mindfulness for kids

Sensory activities and ideas

Sensory ideas


Kindest regards

Helen Edwards

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