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Spring Term

A Lighthouse keepers meal 14.06.19

What does the lighthouse keeper eats for lunch and how we can be healthy and discribing the food he eat and seeing if its healthy or not. 

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Sea side Summer term

This term we will be learning about the the sea side. Our book theme is The Lighthouse keepers lunch and we are researching all different aspects of this topic

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The Lighthouse keepers lunch

Our book theme is The Lighthouse keepers lunch and we are researching all different aspects of this topic, from how lighthouses work, creating basic electric curcuits to power a bulb.

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Thrive Week 08-12 April

This week has been Thrive week, the pupils and staff have been following the key priciples that underpin our school mission statement. Looking at our community, Ambition, Respect, Excitement and Safety, taking part in a wide range of fun activites to help us learn about these important values. 

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Street Sport Fun 01-05 April

Dosbarth Mewslade Our week 1st - 5th April
This week we have been celebrating all of the different people who help us, community workers who created street games for us to play on and all of the wonderful staff who help us everyday.

Home activity: At home you could look at the story of Easter and why we celebrate it? Next week : We will be looking at the story of Easter.

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25/03/19 Mothers Day

This week we have created a range of presents and gift for the most important people who help us, our mums. We have made cards, tea light holders and poems, as well as making some delicious heart shaped biscuits. 

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Lolly pop person

This week we have been looking at the people who help us in the local area, focussing on Lolly pop people. We have had stories, role play and games all about road safety and the right way to cross roads. Next week we will looking at the celebration of mothers day. 

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coast guard

This week we have been learning about the coast guard and all of the people involved in helping, the equipment and the tasks and jobs they do. We have also celebrated Red Nose day with our very our book stall. Next week we are learning about other people who help us, the lolly pop ladies and men. 

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Eisteddfod and World book day

This week we celebrated our Eisteddfod with a fantastic assembly showing off all our fantastic work and singing lots. We also had pancakes on Shove Tuesday, making lots to eat with some delicious toppings. On Thursday we celebrated World book day with the story 'Charlie Cook's favourite book' With lots of games and activities and dressing up in awesome costumes.  

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The Post service 15/02

This week we have been looking at the history of the postal service and the different forms of post from around the world. How it began and what it looks like today. We have written letters and made Valentine cards, We have also written poems about the different people who help us. 

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Spring week 3

This week Dosbarth Mewslade have been working on creating a map to their own homelands. The pupils have come up with some amazing ideas that have brought their characters alive. 

The pupils have also been learning key welsh words to support our Welsh story, The Lost Kingdom.

Dosbarth Mewslade have been practicing our Welsh language and we've been creating songs to help us learn. 

We've celebrated Sports Relief this week, and the pupils got the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball. We also participated in a whole school daily mile to help raise money. The pupils were able to try out different sports throughout the day. 

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Spring week 2

This week Dosbarth Mewslade have had Eisteddfod, where the pupils have worked extremely hard creating a 3D model inspired from our story this term, The lost Kingdom. The pupils have created traditional Welsh crafts such as Daffodils and learning new Welsh words. This week we have also celebrated world book day. The pupils read and interacted with their own personal favourite stories, such as Jack and the beanstalk, the pupils created their own beanstalks and even got to walk in the giants footsteps.  

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