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Good morning, how are we all doing?

today we have some fun Handa's surprise activities to do.

here is some maths and a word search.





Hi, how are we all today?

I hope you enjoyed Mrs Roberts Welsh, I know I did.

Carrying on our Food theme, we will be reading and doing activities from the book Handa's Surprise.

please follow the link a watch the story.

How many fruits were there?

How many were left?

What different colours do you see in the fruit?

What animals can you see?

How does Handa feel at the beginning and end?

Where is the story based? which country?

Now create your own fruit basket, what fruit would you have?

draw me a picture and send it to Dojo for all to see and celebrate





Good morning class

I hope you are all ok and keeping safe and well.

Carrying on our food based topic, today we are going to look at food types.

What food types do we eat?

watch the video and maybe try to draw up a list of the food types you eat.

To help us sort our foods here are some Venn diagram maths games.

This after noon is music, 

Why not try and find and make a playlist of 5 food based songs,

if you have a smart speaker you could ask that "play food songs" 







Hi, there is a timetable of the weekly activities on our Dojo class page.

Our topic this term is Food Glorious Food and this will shape the different subjects. There also morning Wellbeing activities such as Yoga, Mindfulness and PE.

Literacy – Reading Eggs can also be accessed and used to help develop literacy skills.

Please feel free to post up any work so it can be shared with the class on Dojo and if possible upload any work onto J2e.

Please remember that this is all suggested work and not to feel that it all must be done, it is a stressful time and many pupils will struggle to work away from school. The most important thing is that you all stay safe and happy.




Dosbarth Mewslade needs a logo

please have a look at the link below and design a logo for our class cafe. 




Hello class, hope all are well.

Today we are going to look at the food chains of the world.

Can you find different food chains in a savannah habitat?


Apple collage, Quick to make this apple collage makes a super healthy eating craft







Good morning all

It's cold outside, so whilst we stay warm, why not not see if you can find out how bread is made?

watch the video and have a go at some of the activity ideas, Can you write down how to make bread, what ingredients do you need?

Also, to make anything we need to measure, have a practice with these games



Hi all 

hope you are all well.

Our topic this term is food glorious food

Have a think about you favourite dish?

draw a picture and share on dojo

also have a think a possibly research where this food came from and how many miles it has done to get to you?

Also here is some maths fun games





I hope you are all well and safe

I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Pupils were sent home a Christmas pack, in addition below i will post links to some more activities to keep them going over the week.

many thanks

Mr Ellis








Hello again from lockdown, hope all are safe and well

Here are a few activities to keep us all busy over this week

see you soon Mr Ellis


With fireworks night fast approaching, we shall look at where it all comes from.


Try some fun activities and maths games

Science and Technology

Autumn bring fog, make your own fog at home


Fireworks are bright and colourful and we can create our own art displays inspired by the wonderful patterns.


The weather is changing and our gardens are changing, what can you see outside that's different?

create your own treasure hunt and see the changing of seasons in nature.

Health and wellbeing 

Stay fit, stay happy. Here are some fun Yoga activities.





Hi, hope you are all well and staying safe. I look forward to seeing you all next week but for this week here are some fun activities. 

Our theme is Grease the musical 



Capital letters and full stops (here is a link to a funky song and activities to help us)


Number bonds 10s 20s and more.


what would you look like in the 50s?

Use the internet to search 50s outfits, dresses and clothes. if you can copy and paste your favourites to award document. 

Health and Wellbeing

Practice our Yoga and mindfulness

Science and Technology

everyone carried a comb in the 50s, making sure that stylish hair was perfect. Did you know that there other things a comb can do?

Try this

Expressive Arts

Ok, we're now going to use the 50s clothes we researched to design our own. Have a look at this template to help you.

enjoy and see all in a week. 


hello gang, hope you are all well,

here are some fun ideas for this week.

next terms theme is musicals and I need your help

Please watch your favourite musical this week and design a character around it

look at the clothes 

listen to the songs

and think about how they might differ from your own

as an activity you could design you own character based on this.



Hope to see you soon, here's some fun with time



Hope everyone is well and taking care.

I hope to see you soon, in the meanwhile here's some sum fun

and here's some art ideas

Hello all and welcome to another fun project.

it's time to go back in time and find out some fun history. 

Have a look at this and try the activities.




Hi all

I hope you've enjoyed the nice weather and are staying safe and well.

Heres some maths games and fun for this week, enjoy!

Also why not try some writing and write a letter to someone you think has been a big help over these difficult times, saying how thankful you are.

See you soon

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe,

I do miss you all and can't wait to see you.

Here are some activities to keep you busy this week.



some videos for yoga and mindfulness

some welsh for the week 

day of the week fun

The sun is shinning and here are some art and DT projects to have fun with

I hope were all safe and well

here tare some ideas to keep you all busy

have fun


Here are some more ideas 

Film reviews, as we are watching more we can explore and review what we've seen

Ask key questions;

What was the film about?

Where was it based(country/planet)?

Who are the characters and who's your favourite?

research the history to do with the film i.e.(Toy Story, could be the history of toys)

Look at the geography, Jungle book, could look at the jungles and rainforests of different countries.


Also here are some links to games for maths and literacy;


Hope you are all fit and well

I miss you all 

Here are some updates and links to lesson ideas



Packs have been sent home and reading eggs and other logins and passwords provided.

I shall be updating the website weekly providing links to resources and worksheets. 

Teach your monster to read: You have a log on card for Teach your monster. 

Go to and log in, the game will have been set up at the appropriate level.  Teach your monster are also offering their app (the same as the game on the link but can be played on tablets) for free at the moment.  Go to your app store and search teach your monster to read.

Maths: You have log on cards for numbots online maths 



Science and Technology


Health and Wellbeing


Expressive arts

Notice Board see all

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