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There are 5 pupils in Dosbarth Bracelet - all of whom have very individual learning needs and styles.  We are very aware of the difficulties you might be facing at this time, and will do everything we can to help you

Some ideas have already been sent home - but here are some alternative - more will be added shortly.


If you are not already subscribed to Schoop, please do so, as we will be contacting you through that as well as through the website.  You can find details of Schoop on the Noticeboard section of this website.  Please make sure you add your child's name and subscribe to Bracelet.  Thanks



week beginning 6th July

it was lovely to see you this week

Tuesday is World Chocolate Day - what a good excuse to eat loads of chocolate!!! - here are some activities based on chocolate


science and technology - here is a link to help you make some chocolate cupcakes - look at how the chocolate melts when it gets warm - if you'd prefer you can decorate them with more melted chocolate instead of butter cream - yum yum!

mathematics and numeracy - buy a box of chocolates e.g. celebrations and count how many chocolates there are

humanities - watch this video to see where chocolate comes from



week beginning 29th June


hope you are all well - I'm really looking forward to seeing some of you in school this week

Saturday is American Independence Day - so all our activities this week will be based on America


mathematics and numeracy - can you look at this picture of an American flag and count how many red stripes and how many white stripes it has

expressive arts - can you draw an American flag - don't forget it has 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes - the pattern goes red - white - red - white ... - it also has a blue square in the top left corner with 50 white stars in it

expressive arts - a lot of people in America set off fireworks on Independence Day - here are some links to help you draw some fireworks using toilet rolls - or straws 

science and technology - there are over 150 volcanoes in America - here is a link to help you make a volcano 

humanities - you can use this link to watch a video about America

I hope you have fun - and I'll see you next week


week beginning 22nd June

science and technology - this week is National Picnic week - can you make some of your favourite sandwiches and eat them outside - hopefully the weather will be nice!!

health and well-being - this week is World Well-being week - can you do some yoga with Cosmic Kids 

expressive arts - can you make some musical instruments from things you can find around the house 

languages, literacy and communication - can you let me know which was your favourite instrument 

Hope you have fun with these activities - keep safe and take care - we miss you all


week beginning 15th June

How are you all, I've missed you - hope you are having a lovely time

expressive arts - it is Father's Day on Sunday - so can you make this card and a shirt and tie cupcake for you father 

languages, literacy and communication - can you watch this video about making cakes - see if you can remember what to do when it's your turn to make cakes 

health and well-being - as I told you you last week, Thursday is National Cupcake day  - so can you make some cupcakes to celebrate - here is a recipe to help you 

maths and numeracy - can you count how many cupcakes you have made

science and technology - see if you can try to make an orange fizz in your mouth by following these instructions - is it fun


week beginning 8th June

I hope that you have had a lovely time at home and are enjoying yourselves

expressive arts - next Thursday is cupcake day - can you make table decorations and bunting ready for the event 

languages, literacy and communication - can you use this link to invite people to your virtual cupcake event - get ready to be making cupcakes next week 

maths and numeracy - when you know who is coming to your event, can you work out how many cupcakes you will need to cook if they all want to eat 2 cakes

health and well-being - this week is bike week - see how far you can ride you bike - try and get out on your bike every day

I hope you have a lovely week - take care


week beginning 1st June

I hope you are all still well and have had a good week. This week we will be looking at the story Sports Star

Health and Well-being - take part in different sporting activities 

Languages Literacy and Communication - watch the video - then take photographs of the activity and think of a sentence to describe what you are doing 

Expressive Arts - draw pictures of the different sports you have taken part in

Science and Technology - 'write' the book in J2E (if you have lost your log-in details just let me know and I will send them to you)

Enjoy yourselves - I'll phone your parents to see how you have been 


week beginning 18th May

I hope you are all still well and enjoying the activities I suggest each week

languages, literacy and communication - this week's story is The Tortoise and the Hare - I hope you enjoy watching it.  When you have finished it, you can try and sequences these pictures to tell the story to your mum / dad

maths and numeracy - can you see how fast you can run over a set distance - and then how slowly you can do it - which do you like best?

expressive arts - you can make these stick puppets of the story and act it out at home

health and wellbeing - you can try to complete this challenge of taking lots of photos - I'd love to see them - also, Thursday 21st May is Outdoor Learning day - here are some ideas of things you can do at home

I'm sure you will have great fun.  Take care of yourselves - I miss you loads


week beginning 11th May

Hope you are all well and still enjoying the sunshine.  Here are some ideas for you to do this week

Languages literacy and communication - here's a link to our book this term - it is There's a Shark in the park

Expressive Arts - you can make your own telescope 

Maths and numeracy - you can make a list of all the things that you can see with your telescope in the house

Health and well-being - you can take your telescope outside and see how many other things you can see

Take care of yourselves - I will phone later in the week to see how you all are


week beginning 4th May

Hi everyone - we miss you loads and hope you are all keeping well

Humanities - this week is very special as there is a Bank Holiday on Friday to celebrate V.E. (Victory in Europe) day - the mrsmactivity website has some lovely activities to celebrate the end of World War ll 

Health and Well-being - this term we are following the theme of 'Sports' - has some really fun idea of different ways to develop your sporting skills

Expressive Arts - this week our video will be the song 'What a Wonderful World' - can you paint / draw / colour a picture of something that you think is wonderful in the world (flowers / fields / animals / people / the seaside / food / castles / anything you want) and if you send it to the school Facebook page it will be part of the video

Languages, Literacy and Communication - can you write a list of the things you think are wonderful in the world and save them onto your J2E account - also, can you find items in your house beginning with the letters of your name and save these to J2E please

Science and Technology - when you exercise get your mum / dad to time how long it takes to to get warm - it should be quicker every day

Take care of yourselves and I'll have more ideas for you next week


week beginning 27th April

I hope you are all still well - it is lovely to talk to your parents and to hear how well you are coping with the situation

Health and Well-being - This term we are looking at different sports - so if you can try to do some more exercise each day, that would be fantastic - go further when you go for a walk or ride your bike - or try something different - maybe Joe Wicks or another on-line workout - practice kicking a ball at a target and see how many times you can do it - try hitting a ball against the outside wall and see how many times you can do that though be careful of the windows!!!) - let me know how you are getting on when I phone later in the week

Also - remember that you are working towards a qualification in making a snack - so help with the cooking and the preparation / clearing away after a meal - you will also make your parents very happy

Expressive Arts - Thank you to those who made such lovely rainbows and I hope you saw yourselves on the video last week - this week can you practice the moves to the song 'I want to be a superhero' - this is the link

Please keep yourselves safe and I look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to 


week beginning 20th April

I hope you all had a good holiday and enjoyed the sunshine as much as you could

Expressive Arts - This week the staff will be making a video of the song Somewhere over the Rainbow and it would be lovely if you could do a drawing of a rainbow.  If you send it as a private message to the school's Facebook page, we will make sure that all the rainbows are part of the video - you can even take a photograph of you holding it, if you want 

Literacy - Parents might find this website useful - it has some really good ideas and resources to help support children at this time

This website is specifically designed for parents of children with ASD, so might have some useful pointers

Maths: White Rose Maths have published new work for this term. Use either Reception, Year 1 or Year 2. their website is

Humanities - the BBC website has some lovely activities online - this link will take you to a page that looks at the different countries of the UK

Health and Well-being - this is the link to the Cosmic Kids website - which has some lovely yoga sessions for all the family

Science and Technology / Sensory - if you need some more ideas for sensory activiits - here are some another good websites and

Please continue to take care of yourselves and I will phone to see how you are in the week.  If you can get your rainbow photos in by Thursday they can be in Friday's video 


Week beginning 30th March

It was good to speak to you all last week - I hope that you are still all doing well

The staff all came together last week, through the wonders of Zoom, and made a video for you - to make you smile - I hope you enjoyed it.  we will be doing another video this week - so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter sites 

Here are some alternative suggestions for activities 

PE - the NHS has some nice activities on the Change4Life page - you can find these at www.nhs/change4life/activities/indoor-activities

Literacy - there are some fun comics which encourage pupils to develop their reading skills -

Gina Davies (who developed of the Attention Autism teaching approach) has a YouTube channel and has posted a lot of videos explaining the current situation - it is well worth a look -

Numeracy - There are some fun number songs on

Arts and Crafts - and Science - ther are some fun activities on

On-line Activities -  have some lovely activities and they are currently offering free access for these

Please continue to keep yourselves safe - I will phone again at the end of the week - but if there is anything else we can do to help, please message through the school Facebook page


Week beginning 23rd March

Hope you are all Ok and are coping well under these difficult circumstances - we miss you all and look forward to seeing you again

Here are some more ideas for this week

Art - Draw a picture of a rainbow and put it in your window for other people to see

PE  - there's a really good daily PE session with Joe Wicks - the website is

Maths - At school we follow the White Rose Maths approach - and there's some good ideas on the website - 

Science - some lovely ideas for Weather-based Science experiments can be found at this website -

Another site with some good activities has been put together by the people from PECS  - here is the link to their website -

There are some lovely Sensory ideas (attached)  that I think are really well worth looking at - these can be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint we use for sense-ology (which is also attached) - you will need a mirror to look in as you make faces - 2 things that smell (1 nice, 1 not so) 2 things to taste (1 nice, 1 not so) and lots of lovely 'mess' to get your hands into, so you can wash them to touch - enjoy yourselves

I have also attached our morning and afternoon greetings sessions in case you want some familiar activities - although unfortunately, the am file was too big - so I've attached the songs separately and explained where they have to go - sorry!!

There is also a really good PDF with ideas on how to support children with ASD during this time, which has come from Cardiff and Vale Community Health Board

If there is anything we can help you with - please contact the school through the Facebook page 

Please keep safe


Week beginning 16th March

Twinkl is a website that has resources for all curriculum areas and for pupils of all abilits - currently they are offering free access to their resources - but most of these will need to be printed out - their web address is

Pinterest is a website that gives many of us ideas for art and craft activities - their web site is

Most of the pupils in the class enjoy sensory activities - and ideas for these can also be found on Pinterest - or on Childhood 101 - their web address is


The Oxford Owl website has a number of reading books that can be read online (on a computer or tablet). We have set up classes on there.

Go to

Click “My class login”

Username: ks4pyb

Password: reading

Books can be filtered by reading level

If there is anything we can do to help you with ideas, before the next update - or if there is something specific you want help with, please contact the school via Facebook and we'll do all that we can to help

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