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Reading Eggs- Individual Links also on Dojo:

Weekly spell check: Brandon : an, can, fan, man,pan,ran, van, cap,lap

                             Jessica/Sulayman/ Josh: which, while,whine,whisker,whisper,white,who,whole, whose

                             Gavin: kitchen,clutch,wheat,whether,which,while,whisker,whisper

                             Tomas: chairs,coins,games,shapes,tubes,cages,noises,pages,prizes,roses

                             James: Boats,books,chairs,coins,goals,rooms,seeds,shops,teams,bikes


Weekly news and time at home:what have you done?


Numbots and TTRS: Individual links on DOJO

White Rose maths Year 1 One more /one less worksheet on DOJO

Topic Work

Staying Active/ health and Wellbeing

See Dojo

Exciting activities




Useful websites















Hi all hoping you had good weekend and are all safe and well. This week I wonder if you can reflect on what lockdown has meant to you over the last few months.

Literacy; Can you write a Postcard or letter to a Friend/Family member who you have not seen for a long time. THINK WHAT YOU COULD SAY TO THEM AND WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO WHEN YOU MEET UP.

Numeracy; Make a list of your favourite meals and desserts and pick 2 to cook.

1.List the ingredients you need to buy

2. Look online in a shop i.e. TESCO/ASDA and price them 

3. Add up your totals and find out how much money they will cost

4. Go shop for them

5. Cook your meal.....have fun 

Health and Wellbeing; Make a moodboard of things that make you happy; cut out and paste places, objects, music, sports, places you would like to visit, the beach, cinema all the things important to you.. stick it in your room.

Research what you would need to go to these places; what to pack, so you are all ready when you can go.

How will you get there? how long will it take? how much will it cost? An example may be FOLLY FARM?

I hope this can be fun for you this week, take care and see you soon





Hello All, hope you had a fun weekend and are enjoying the nice weather when we have it. Lockdown is easing a little at last, although we must all still keep safe and 2 metres apart. It is nice that we can get out locally a little more now that the parks are open.

Here are activities to look at this week;


Listen to Wacky Wednesday story by Dr Zeuss / 


Take a look at the Olympics and Paralympics here


Hear some of the sport names here;

Remember to keep active and get outside for plenty of exercise and fresh air. 

watch this;






Hi all hope you are well and safe and received our postcards from class.

As you are aware we are focusing on SPORTS THIS TERM.

Can you think what SPORTS PEOPLE ARE CALLED?




I have found some resources on Twinkl that may interest you and be fun.


There are lots of activities; sports quiz powerpoint to go through

                                       Design a new sport

                                       Which sports do you like?


Sports bar graph worksheet

Favourite sport data collection worksheet

World cup football themed maths activity pack


Outside can you count how many steps it takes to the bottom of your garden and back?

Can you do laps like CAPTAIN TOM


Most importantly, have fun and stay safe! MISS HOWELL










20/04/20- Hi All, hoping that you had a lovely Easter and did not eat too much chocolate/sweets. We have been very lucky with the weather and I hope you have spent some time outdoors in the garden in this lovely sunshine.

It has been wonderful to catch up with you all by telephone and I am proud of how you are all doing at this unsettling time. I am especially pleased in how busy you have all been. Well done!

I know a lot of you  have been watching the videos on our school facebook of the staff and hope they have made you smile. This week we are doing Somewhere over the rainbow, which is for our brave NHS Staff who are working so hard to keep us safe.

Miss CLARK has asked if you would send in a photo of yourselves for this week's video will be dedicated to our amazing NHS and key workers and we would like as many pupils as possible to be involved.   Please draw/paint/make a picture of a rainbow and then send us a photo of the picture, or of your child with their picture and either send it to the school facebook account via private message or upload it to their J2E account by Thursday morning. The video will be shared on Facebook and our Youtube channel so please make sure you have permission from your parents before sending a picture. Looking forward to seeing you all.

This Summer term our topic is to have a sports theme so this week it would be good to think about a Team. What would your sport be and the name, logo that you would design.What colours would you use for your kit?

Can you think of different types of sport and which ones do you like? Have you got a favourite Sport person? why? Please get back to me if you need anything I AM EXCITED TO SEE YOUR LOGOS.....We did do something in class when we had the SWANSEA CITY visit remember? Kieran you won a competition!





Learning packs have been sent home to those who were in school on Monday and Tuesday and will be coming home in the post to those of you who weren't.

Reading/phonics skills: We have sent home paper copies of Read Write Inc sounds and words.  Please cut them up and use them to practice reading with your child.  You can make them into games e.g. put the sound cards out - can they find the cards to spell one of the words on the cards?  Print out another set here and you can make a pairs/snap game (you will only need the pages which are the same as you already have).

Teach your monster to read: You have a log on card for Teach your monster.  Go to and log in, the game will have been set up at the appropriate level.  Teach your monster are also offering their app (the same as the game on the link but can be played on tablets) for free at the moment.  Go to your app store and search teach your monster to read.

Oxford Owl: Log in cards to Oxford Owl have been sent home so you will have access to lots of reading books online.  Go to click my class login (near the top) and then put in the log in details we gave you.  You will then be able to choose reading books by book level.  Look at the reading book in your child's home bag to see which reading level they are on.

Maths: You have log on cards for numbots online maths 

Topic work: You have some Jack and the Beanstalk activity sheets, a copy of the story and some sequencing cards.  Use these sequence the story, tell the story using the cards, can you write or draw the story? Change parts of the story to make their own story e.g. change the name of the character, change the things the giant owns etc.  

Go noodle: It is important to think of our physical health and wellbeing.  In class we begin everyday with our breakfast and then Go Noodle activities to get us moving.  You can sign up for free here  

Activities which don't need a computer: There are lots of things you can do that don't require a computer or much equipment.  You have been sent home an ideas sheet with lots of suggestions.  You can find more ideas about games you can play, water play, ways you can use playdough, treasure hunts, story telling and much more at 

Useful resources include: 
LLC (school log on username: primarypyb ks3pyb ks4pyb or ks5pyb as appropriate.  Password reading) › aboutmakaton › makatonnews -  free downloads available - will be adding free home learning packs in the next couple of days 
Maths and Numeracy - will be adding free home learning packs in the next couple of days - will be adding free home learning packs in the next week 
Science and Technology - Science MAX  
Humanities - all curriculum areas – including History, Geography and RE - favourite yoga music  
Expressive Arts 
Health and Wellbeing   hiit for kids   hiit videos for kids  Sport Wales physical literacy resources  
Other/ All AoLE 
use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS - this will give you one month of membership free of charge - BBC teach videos  

Notice Board see all

01 December 2019 - 29 August 2030

What is THRIVE?

What is Thrive?

Thrive is an approach to supporting the emotional development of our pupils. Thrive helps us to better understand the needs being signaled by their behaviour, and gives us targeted strategies and activities to help them better engage with learning. Thrive also comes with an online tool to assess and collate data on how our pupils are progressing in terms of their emotional development.

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Parent Partnership Services - for young people with ALN in Mid, West and South Wales

Parent Partnership Services Website
This website is about the Parent Partnership Services that are available across West Wales. The region includes Powys, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Swansea and Neath Port Talbot.

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