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Torbay News

No Pens Day 2017

In October it was National No Pens Day.  In Dosbarth Tor Bay we did some fun activities through the day and we were not allowed to use pens so we thought of different ways we could answer questions for our work.

We used letter blocks, paint, playdough, foam, sand and string straws to write letters and words, we took photos of our answers or choices and we played fun games using noises or gestures to join in.

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Safety Week

This week was Safety Week in school.

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Spring Term 2018

Dosbarth Tor Bay have been doing lots of fun activities this term.  Our topic is Colourful Construction, we have been building using different size and colour blocks and investigating materials.  We have been working really hard on our life skills in swimming lessons and shopping every Friday.  We have also been learning about Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day, St David's Day, Chinese New Year and Easter through stories, art, songs and cookery.

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Summer Term 2018

Summer Term in Dosbarth Tor Bay

This Term we have been learning all about plants and animals for our topic of Living Things.  We have been out on trips to Folly Farm, Plantasia and Wiggleys Farm where we learn all about the animals and had lots of fun.

Some of the class went on the Key Stage 3 residential trip to St Maddoc in gower, we had a fantastic time doing so many fun and exciting activities.

In science we learnt what plants and animals need to live and grow and we planted our own seeds that we have been looking after all term.

We have been working on some new skills in our communication, literacy and numeracy sessions and building on skills we already have in cookery, swimming, PE, music and art.

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