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Home learning 20-21

Monday 18th January

This week's home learning activities are all based around the story Oliver's fruit salad by Vivian French.  Activities will be posted on Dojo each day.  You can hear me tell the story below.


Monday 11th January

Have you seen the latest sing/sign video we've made?

This week we will be looking at the story Oliver's Vegetables.  I've put a video of me reading the story on Dojo.  There are some activities for you below for you to choose from during the week and I will be posting an additional activity each day.

Languages, literacy & communication: Write or draw a list of the vegetables Oliver finds in Grandpa's garden.  Play the shopping game with someone in your house.  Say I went to the shops and I bought...(think of a food).  The next person needs to remember the food you said and add one to the list.  How many items can you remember?

Maths: Ask if you can borrow some food from your kitchen or find some pictures of food.  Can you sort the food into two groups e.g. green and not green, vegetable and not vegetable etc.

Science & technology: Did you know that lots of vegetables can be grown using the scraps from a vegetable?  Instructions for growing a carrot from a carrot top here.  You can also grow celery by cutting off the bottom 8cm and putting it in water, put it in a sunny place.  Cut off the bottom of the head of lettuce and place it in a small bowl of water.  Or you can try using the white part of a spring onion, with any roots still intact. Place in a glass with water and it will start to grow.  You should begin to see some growth after 3 or 4 days.

Expressive arts: Role play - can you set up a pretend kitchen somewhere in your house?  What will you cook in your pretend kitchen?  

Humanities: The things we eat have changed over time.  What is your favourite food?  Ask your parents or grandparents if that food was available when they were young.  What was their favourite food when they were young?  Think about what is the same and what is different.

Health & well-being: Are there any vegetables in the story you haven't tried?  Remember we talk lots in class about the importance of trying new food.  If you can get hold of it, try one of the vegetables from the story.  Let us know what you've tried.  It's important to keep your body moving.  Try some of Andy's wild workouts 


Friday 8th January

Today's home learning is some phonics work. I would like you to try to think of a food that begins with as many of the sounds of the alphabet as possible and make a list of them. You could write or draw your list. You could look through the pictures on Dojo of people's favourite foods from Wednesday to get you started and then have a look in your kitchen for some more ideas.

Thursday 7th January

Thank you to everyone who posted pictures of their favourite foods on Dojo yesterday.  We will hopefully be cooking with some of those foods during this term.

For today's home learning, Mrs Picon has created a sensory scavenger hunt for you to do.  You can find it here.  Let us know what you find on your hunt by telling us in the comments on Dojo, or taking photos or drawing pictures and post them in your messages area on Dojo.  I look forward to seeing what you find.


Wednesday 6th January 2021

Hello!  I hope everyone is well and had a lovely Christmas.  I'm sorry we're not in school and all the staff are missing all our fantastic pupils.  During this lockdown, we will be posting one class home learning activity each day and there will be additional whole-school activities that you may wish to take part in.  These will all be shared on this website and on Dojo.  In addition to this, I would recommend that you try and read every day.  You may have some books at home to enjoy.  You can also access online books for free at Click on login towards the top right of the screen, type in the username ks3pyb and the password reading then click on the Oxford Owl ebook library button.  This will give you access to lots of books.  If anyone would like additional activities for home learning, please let me know and I can provide them.

For today's home learning task, I would like you to either draw a picture or take a photo of you with your favourite food.  I've left you a video on Dojo telling you a couple of my favourite foods.  Please can you take a photo of you and your favourite food or with your picture and post it on your message section in Dojo?  I will then post these in the class story so you can see what each other likes.  I'm feeling hungry just thinking about it!  


14th December

Good morning Dosbarth Three Cliffs.  This week's home learning is all around Christmas.

  • You had a pack of craft activities on Friday.  Choose some of the activities in the pack to make and decorate your house
  • Online advent calendar.  Go to this website and click on the available button in the bottom left of the screen.  You will then be able to try the different activities.  Remember that a new activity is added each day.  Note: the website uses flash so you won't be able to access it from an iPad.  Some internet browsers may require you to allow flash so the website works.
  • Make a Christmas card for your classmates using J2E.  Instructions are here.  You have your Hwb log ins on your messages in Dojo (you may need to scroll up a bit).  Follow the instructions.  Once you have saved your card, I will upload it to Dojo so that the rest of the class can see it.
  • Watch a Makaton version of the Christmas Nativity story in the video below

  • Mr Williams has sent some activities for you.  Wrestling activity to finish off your enterprise sessions here.  Scrooge activity here.  The night before Christmas here.


2nd November

Hello Dosbarth Three Cliffs, I hope everyone is ok.  This week our home learning activities will be focused around Bonfire Night.  As well as the activities below, I will be posting a video or activity each day on ClassDojo so please check there too.

Literacy: Make a word bank of words to describe what you see and hear on Bonfire night.  We will be using these later in the week.  Watch this video to give you some ideas.

Maths: Have a look at the maths videos and activities on the White Rose website.  Pupils in our class will need either the early years, year 1 or year 2 activities. 

Humanities: Look at these pictures telling the story of the gunpower plot.  Can you use them to tell the story of what happened?  When you have told the story, you could try writing or drawing it yourself.

Science & technology: Part of Bonfire night is food.  Here are some recipe ideas for you to make; fruit rockets, toffee apples.  You could also have a go at making rocket sandwiches.  I wonder what filling will taste best?


Expressive arts: Ms Bailey has collected some science and art activities for you to try.  Have a look at these and choose some to try.

Health & well-being: It is very important to be safe around fireworks.  Watch this video to explain how to stay safe on Bonfire night.  Can you make a poster to remind other people to stay safe?


14th October

Mr Williams has sent this week's enterprise activity.  He would like you to design a mask for a wrestler.  Instructions are here.


12th October

Hello Dosbarth Three Cliffs, I hope everyone is well.  This week we will be thinking about the festival of Harvest where people celebrate the food grown on the land.  Later in the story of Joseph, the harvest become very important.

Literacy: Over the week, we will be making our own stories based on the story The Little Red Hen.  I will be posting activities on ClassDojo each day to help us work towards this.

Maths: We have been looking at repeating patterns over the past couple of weeks in class.  Look around your house for any fruit or vegetables you have.  Can you make a fruit or vegetable kebab with a repeating pattern using slices of the food e.g. apple, banana, apple, banana etc.  Or make a different pattern e.g. carrot, cucumber, cucumber, carrot, cucumber, cucumber etc.  

Humanities: This video shows how carrots are grown and make their way to our supermarkets.

Can you watch the video and then write or draw a timeline to show the process?

Look at this to find out more about harvest. 

Expressive arts: We will be making a Harvest Samba Makaton video.  Parts have been sent out to those of you who said you wanted to be involved.  We also need some pictures of fruit and vegetables for the video.  If you want to make a picture, please send it to me on Dojo by Thursday morning.

Collect leaves, twigs and sticks from your garden.  Can you make a picture with them?  

Science & technology: Have a go at growing a carrot using the top you cut off another carrot.  Instructions here.  Keep a diary to show how your carrot grows.  Explore seeds in food; over the week, look at seeds from any fruit, vegetables or nuts you eat e.g. pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, peanuts, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, grapes, kiwi fruit, bananas, apples, berries etc.  

Health & well-being: Although we need to stay at home at the moment, it is really important to keep your body moving.  There are lots of videos on Go Noodle to choose from.  In school and through the musical Joseph, we have been thinking about different emotions.  Collect some leaves (or draw some).  Can you draw a face on the leaves to show different emotions?  Read a story and use the leaves to talk about how the characters in the stories might be feeling.


8th October

Today we are going to look at the next part of the story of Joseph where he has some dreams.  Click on the video below to watch the song from the musical.

Expressive arts: Draw a picture or make a collage to show Joseph's dreams.  There are some ideas here.  When you've made your picture or collage, please upload a photo of it to Dojo so we can all see.

Health and wellbeing: In this part of the story, Joseph's brothers are very angry.  Can you think of, write or draw some things that make you angry?  In class we have been learning to use breathing to help us feel calm.  Have a look here.  Which is your favourite: bee breath. snake breath, bunny breath or bear breath?


7th October 2020

I hope everyone is ok.  Please send me a message on ClassDojo if there is anything that you need.

Today's home learning activities:

Welsh: Please look at the lliwiau book in your J2E folder.  I would like you to either go around your house and take photos of items that match the colour on the pages, or to draw items that are that colour.  Instructions are here.  Send me a message in Dojo if you need your Hwb log in details.

Enterprise: Mr Williams has sent this which shows you what you would have been doing in enterprise today.  Have a go at it at home.


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