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Newsletter Summer 1 Week 2

On Wednesday we came into school to find that pirates had been fighting in our classroom! They had messed up the room and left a treasure map behind. We worked as a team to solve the clues and find a message in a bottle. The message was from pirate Pete. He wants us to tell his story and throw a pirate party to remind the world about pirates. The next day we received a video call from pirate Pete asking us to find his lost pages of the story. We went on an outdoor story walk where we took it in turns to find and read the story 'Pirate Pete and His Smelly Feet'. We also found stickers along the way and they smelled like rotten cheese! We decided to create a spider diagram to brainstorm ideas to complete pirate Pete's task. In numeracy we solved pirate word problems by drawing pictures to represent the problem. In History we learnt about the Golden Age of Piracy and followed instructions to create our own pirate. We also started our new Science topic learning about the different properties of materials. We did an experiment to find out which materials dissolved in water. 

Article 28 of the UNCRC says that children and young people have the right to education.