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Home learning 19-20


Welcome to Dosbarth Rhossili home learning page,

New activities and ideas will be uploaded every Monday which will be linked below. These activities and ideas will be based on our topic and activities we would be doing in class. We will have a sound/letter of the week. This is when you can practice your sounds and play GOTCHA like we do in class.

Click on the link below to play GOTCHA with Miss Baker, Mrs Thomas and Miss Rees


There will be a new story read by one of our class team which will be uploaded to our storytime page.

We will have a family quiz every Friday at 12, at 11.30 I will send the magic code out that you will need to enter via schoop.

If you are not already subscribed to schoop, please do so (details here  Please make sure you add your child's name and subscribe to our class Rhossili.  

Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. Please follow all of the advice and guidance from the UK, Wales governments and Public Health Wales.

Take care,

Miss Baker, Mrs Thomas, Miss Rees

Week 1: 17th - 20th

Home learning packs have been sent home

Week 2: 23rd -27th March 2020

Hello, Hope you are all well and keeping safe in the difficult time. This week’s for activities, ideas and suggestions are based on encouraging the children to be active to keep their physical health and well -being safe. As the weather is improving a lot of these suggestion can be indoor or outdoor activities Health and well-being It is very important to think of our physical health and well-being throughout this time. On the sport Wales website there are a lot of activities linked to practical team skills and storytelling that can help keep our mind and bodies active. The link I have attached is for the introduction for the play to learn resources, which will introduce the characters and the lay out of the activities and sessions. Go Noddle is another lovely to keep active . You can sign up for it on this link. Literacy and Reading: Here is a link to different stories read by celebrities. Here is a link to the story ‘The Hula -Hoopin queen’ read by Oprah : I have attached some ideas for Literacy and Maths activities outside. I will be adding more activities next week. Wishing you safe and healthy week.

Daily Routine and Visual timetable

Hello, During these uncertain times providing the children with structure and a sense of routine has never been more important. Here is a suggested guide for a daily routine to provide the children with the boundaries for learning, relaxing and having fun that school provides as well as incorporating a healthy balance between screen time and practical physical activities. In class we use a visual timetable to help the children understand the routine for the day and to support the children during transition times. Attached is a link for a website where you will be able to adapt a visual timetable that best supports your home learning day/activities During this time of uncertainty and worry it is very easy to become anxious. Before our school closed in class, we aimed to give the children an element of control over the virus by washing our hands. We sang Happy Birthday while washing our hands, but the children really enjoyed washing their hands to baby shark: Hope you find these attachments useful.

Why my school is closed

A social story explaining why our school is closed.

Washing hands

A poster on how to wash our hands while singing Happy Birthday.

Week 3: 30th March- 3rd April

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. It is almost Easter. Here are a few ideas and suggestions for fun Easter activities. Remember to watch out for the Easter Bunny.

Week 4&5 Easter

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, It is the Easter holidays so there is no work but here are a few fun activities and ideas to keep busy. Easter nest: Easter Crafts: Easter egg basket: Salt dough recipe to make egg and bunnies to paint: Easter sock friends: Pin the tail on the bunny: Rubber egg experiment: Easter Bingo: Edible jelly bean slime: Toilet roll bunny: Egg crystal science: Wishing you all a fun and happy Easter. from, Miss Baker

Week 6: April 20th- 24th

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, As the weather has been so lovely there has been lots of special visitors to our gardens. I have had friendly bees, caterpillars and different insects in my garden. These insects help to keep our gardens nice and tidy. Here are some fun activities based on helping our friends in the garden: 1) 'Please Please the Bees' Life is sweet for Benedict the bear . Every morning he wakes up to find jars of fresh honey on his back porch. He makes honey toast for breakfast, bakes honey cake in the afternoon, and drinks honey tea before bed. One day, the jars on Benedict's porch are empty. The bees in his backyard have gone on strike! They are tired of doing all the work around the hive. What can Benedict do to make the bees happy and bring sweetness back to his days? Here are some questions on the story: Benedict is a "creature of habit" and follows the same routine day after day. Describe your daily routine. Do you find that you do the same thing day after day?• Benedict and the bees live in the same community. Name some members of your community. How do they help you with your daily routine? 2) Here is a caterpillar game for practicing ordering numbers: 3) Try making your own bee. You could use toilet roll holder, egg carton or a balloon. Here are some ideas:

Week 7: 27th April- 1st May

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Last week we asked you to make, draw or paint a rainbow to say thank you for everyone who helps us. This week our activities will all be linked to a rainbow. 1) Our story this week is 'The Rainbow Fish' The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share. Here are some questions about the book: Why is it nice to share?• How does it make us feel if a friend doesn't share with us?• Why is it sometimes hard to share?• 2) Here is a rainbow maths counting game. What is the biggest tower you can build, can you count them all? 3) Here is a science experiment to make a rainbow on the wall: You will need : Water Sunlight A clear glass a small mirror Instructions: 1) Fill the glass with water. 2) Put the mirror into the water inside the glass at an angle. 3) Position the glass so that sunlight shines directly at the mirror. You may have to shift the mirror to find the right angle. 4) Look for a reflection on the wall. It would be easier to see if the room is dark. 5) Adjust the angle of the mirror until you see a rainbow on the wall. 4) Attached is a link for cosmic kids yoga session which we use in class for our mental and health well being. It follows the story of a butterfly flying over the rainbow. 5) Can

Week 8: 4th-8th May

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Our topic this term is 'Sport'. Before we learn all about the different sports we need to learn how to stay safe. To stay safe while playing sports we need to wear suitable footwear. Our activities this week are based on the story of the elves and the shoemaker. 1) Here is our story for this week: Can you answer these questions about the story? Who helped the shoemaker and his wife?• How do you think The shoemaker felt?• What word can you think of to describe the elves?• 2) Maths challenge: Can you collect different shoes that are in your house and using lego, counting blocks or items that you have a lot of count how long each shoe is then arrange them smallest to biggest. 3) Fine Motor skills challenge: Here is Mr Tumbe practising tying his shoelaces. Can You practice tying shoelaces? 4) Arts and Craft challenge: Can you find a shoe to draw around then colour and decorate it. 5) Cooking challenge: Big cook Little cook have been very busy making mushroom seats for the elves, watch this clip Can you make some yummy treats for the elves? 6) Listening, and physical activity challenge: Here is a pod-cast with songs based on the story of the Elves and the shoemaker. Can you make up a danc

Residenital Trip at Home

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, This week we were supposed to be on our residential trip. We are so sad that we can't go. So Miss Baker, Mrs Thomas and Miss Rees have come up with lots of fun activities that we would be doing on the trip that you can still do at home.

Week 9: 11th-15th May

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, This week our activities are based on the story of the 'Olympig'

Week 10: 18th-22nd

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili,

Week 11: Half Term

Half Term ideas

Week 12: 1st-5th June

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Ross has set you a special challenge this week,

Week 13: 8th-12th June

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Thank you for all of your lovely work uploaded on J2E.

Lego 30 Day Challenge

Here is a 30 day Lego challenge.

Week 14: 15th-19th

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, This month is national Butterfly Month.

Week 15: 22nd-26th June

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Well done for all the work you put on J2E last week. This weeks activities are linked to our topic 'Sports'.

How to use Flipgrid

Here is the how to guide to use Flipgrid on Hwb

Week16: 29th June-3rd July

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, A big well done and thank you for the lovely wokr you uploaded to J2e

Week 17: 6th-10th July

Hello Dosbarth Rhossili, Thank you for all the lovel work that you uploaded to J2E last week.

Week 18: 13th-17th

Summer Holidays

Virtual school trip

Lets go on a trip to Folly Farm

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What is Thrive?

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