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September 4th

Well done everybody for having such an amazing first day back yesterday.  Here is a little task to do with your family for us to talk about Monday.  If you can't print it, no problem just write it down and we can put your answers in on Monday. Have a great weekend!

I am amazing!


July 13th

Hello Dosbarth Port Eynon! Have you seen our leavers video for this year? We wish all of our amazing leavers the very best of wishes for the future!

We are hoping to get as many pupils as possible in the final video this Friday so if you would like to be in it please send in your photos, pictures or drawings by Thursday morning.  Please make sure you have permission from your parents before you send it.

As this is the last week of term we are going to be doing some different tasks.  First though I would like you to think about our year both in school and at home.  What was your favourite thing about school this year? What was the best activity/trip and why? What have you achieved and what are you most proud of? What are you looking forward to and want to achieve next year?

This week we will be going on a virtual field trip to have some fun on the last week of term. First off you will need a plain piece of paper and follow the video below.

Now choose some of the following places to visit and use pages in your book to write about your trip. 

Wildlife trust here which animal do you like watching the most? Can you sketch it? What is it doing?

Georgia Aquarium (USA) here which sea creature is the most interesting? Why do you think so? Can you draw and paint colour it?

National Aquarium Baltimore (USA) here which sea creature would you like to be and why? Can you draw and paint or colour it?

Disney World Orlando (USA) here have you been to Disney? What is your favourite Disney zone? Which ride would you like to go on? which Disney character would you like to meet?

London Zoo here If you were a zoo keeper in London zoo which animal would you like to look after and why?

Folly Farm here Some webcams are on at different times so you may need to check back.  What did you most enjoy last time you visited Folly Farm? 

National Space Centre here Would you like to be an astronaut? Why? Where or what would you like to explore in space? Draw or write about something you saw that amazed you!

The National Gallery in London here   go on a virtual tour of the gallery. Draw and write about your favourite picture or sculpture.

The British Museum here What was the most interesting thing you saw in the museum? Write some information about it and draw a picture of it.

Buckingham Palace here Would you like to live there? What do you think it would be like to live?

Volcano Explorer here Would you be brave enough to explore a volcano? Write about an adventure you have had, either a real one or make it up.

National Geographic here Look at some of these wild and amazing places on Earth. Which one would you like to explore and why? Who would you go with? How would you get there? Write about and draw some of the things you can see.

We hope that you enjoyed your virtual school trips. Here's hoping that you all have an amazing, safe and healthy Summer Holidays.  We are looking forward to seeing you all in the new academic year and wish the pupils that are moving to Key Stage 4 the very best of luck in your new adventure, from all of us in Dosbarth Port Eynon.

July 11th

Hwyl Dosbarth Port Eynon! We are missing you all and hoping you are being good at home! Another big well done to those people who have put a video on flipgrid it is so lovely to see you. I will be setting up and sending out a new code to show everyone from Dosbarth Port Eynon some of the things you have been doing whilst being off school for example some art or craftwork you have done, a Lego project you have made or maybe even some school work you are particularly proud of. Here is some new work below:

Languages, Literacy & Communication

Here is a reading comprehension task about the Olympic games it is split into three levels so ask someone in your house to help you choose which one to choose.

Less tricky Olympic comprehension

Tricky Olympic comprehension

More tricky Olympic comprehension

Here are some fun 'What am I' games to play with friends or family.

What am I food

What am I household

What am I animals

Maths & Numeracy

Here is a fun challenge using measurement in time and distance to compete with friends and family.  If you cannot print at home you should still be able to do all of this with some paper, a few other materials and some imagination.


Challenge cards

Results table

1cm Squared Paper

How to make a paper aeroplane

football finger puppets

Diver cut-out

Science and technology

Here are some fun experiments you can try at home. Why not upload a video of yourself to our science flipgrid showing the class how to do the experiments. Get an adult to contact me if you need the science flipgrid code again:

Lava Lamp

Fun with density

Fireworks in a glass


Expressive Arts

If you were asked to redesign the Olympic logo and motto, what would you do? Redesign them both here: Olympic redesign task


July 3rd

Hwyl Dosbarth Port Eynon! I hope you have all had a lovely week and you are staying happy and healthy! It has been amazing seeing so many people using Flipgrid to say Hello this week, well done to you all***!!  I am also really pleased to hear that lots of people are flying through books on Bug Club and doing really good work on 'Teach your Monster', 'Reading eggs' and 'Numbots' as well as 'Mathletics' and 'Giglets'.  Here is some new work on our Olympic sport theme below, look after each other and be good.

Languages, Literacy & Communication / Humanities

Ellie Symonds is one of our most successful Paralympians and amazingly she also lives and trains here in Swansea! If you are in Swansea Marina, look out for her gold post box!!

Ellie Symonds comprehension task

Maths and Numeracy

Here are two maths challenge activity books - you may need help from a family member or a calculator!

Less tricky - The case of the missing football trophy

More tricky - The Sports day trophy thief

Expressive arts / Science & technology / Humanities

Olympic medals

Every host city of the Olympic Games is allowed to produce their own medal design. Above are some examples from several different Olympics.  Use a digital device (phone,tablet, laptop, PC, console) to research the different gold medals from previous Olympic games in history. Imagine Swansea was going to have the Olympics here, design your own gold medal to give to the athletes who win their events.

Medal design activity 

Health & Wellbeing / Science & Technology

Earlier in the topic you did some work on healthy eating.  The document below expands a bit further on the different food groups we need to eat and to avoid to stay healthy. Athletes have to be very careful what they eat and have to stick to a very strict diet.  See if you can find the things that Olympic Athletes eat online with a family member. below is a task to sort some of the foods we eat.

Healthy living information

Healthy eating activity


June 22nd

Hwyl Dosbarth Port Eynon I hope you have had an amazing start to the week.  I'm so pleased to hear how hard many of you are working when I spoke to your parents on Friday, keep up the good work!! I have some new tasks for you below but first I would like you to create your account in Flip grid in Hwb (you will need your Hwb log-in we sent home). You can follow these instructions (Flipgrid instructions)  by Miss Clark to create your account and start posting videos to other people in our class. I will send your parents the code to enter our class group on schoop.

Language, Literacy & Communication

Read about one of the biggest British Olympic stars and answer the questions.  Get an adult to help you choose which level to work on.

Jessica Ennis-Hill comprehension task

Humanities and Science & Technology

Choose which of these worksheets you would like to work on about world flags.  Find out what the flag looks like for each country on the internet and label the sheet.  Alternatively copy, paste and label the pictures in word or another app or programme.

Flag Worksheet 1

Flag Worksheet 2

Maths & Numeracy

Three friends created their own Olympics and recorded the results. Can you work out what position they came. Once you have finished or if you are finding it a bit tricky can you do the same events with some members of your family? Type up or write your results.

Pals Olympic Task


June 15th

Hwyl Dosbarth Port Eynon! I hope you are all still smiling and looking after your loved ones. Here are some fresh tasks for this week.  

LLC & Humanities

As you may have seen in the news recently, people have been protesting to make sure that everyone has equal rights and opportunities no matter who you are.  One of the most famous Americans that protested for equal rights was called Martin Luther King Junior.  Read the information and answer the questions on the link below.  There are 3 different versions depending on how much of a challenge you want.

Martin Luther King Jr Activity

Science & Technology

The last Winter Olympics were held in South Korea in 2018.  They were in a city called PyeongChang and attracted a lot of tourists from all over the world to watch athletes from their country competing in the different events.  Use this link to the Visit Korea website to find out about some of the food that tourists would have been offered whilst staying in the country and complete the task below.

Korean food research activity

Expressive arts / Science & Technology

Every Olympic games have their own mascot.  Countries take a long time and put a lot of effort and money into designing their mascot.  Can you complete the task below to design your own.  Research some first using the internet to gain some knowledge of Olympic Mascots.

Olympic Mascot Activity

Maths and Numeracy

Olympic addition and subtraction activity:


June 12th

Health and Wellbeing

Staying active is super important to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially at the moment when we are inside more than usual.  Below is some information from Joe Wicks about the importance of staying healthy.  Read through the information then look at the poster task.  To complete the task you can use paper, Powerpoint, J2E or any other method you can think of.  Try to upload it to your J2E on Hwb when you have finished.

Joe Wicks information:

Poster Task: Importance of Exercise Task


Have a go at these maths challenges.  There are some very tricky bits so you may need to use a calculator or ask a family member to help you.  If they are too tricky don't worry, have a go at BLAST OFF instead: 

Tricky Challenge: Mystery of the Squashed Fruit

Very Tricky Challenge: Mystery of the Missing Medals


June 8th

Bore da pawb!! Here's hoping that everyone is doing well and managing to stay cheerful. Happy World Ocean Day! We have talked lots in class about how important it is to protect our seas and all of the amazing plants and creatures that live there.  This website  has loads of resources to learn more about how to protect our oceans. 

Humanities and Science & Technology

Use Google maps  to locate (find) the different countries that have hosted (*look up the meaning of the word 'host' if you don't know what it means) the Winter Olympic games. Use the worksheet to colour in the countries using different colours or alternatively use this website to fill the different countries with colour and save your results.  If you are feeling really clever, upload your work to J2E using your Hwb login .

Languages and Literacy

Use this resource with a member of your household to have a conversation in either English and Welsh about what you like to play.  Don't worry if they can't speak Welsh you can learn together!


Here are some code Winter Olympic code breaking challenges. Get an adult to help you choose which one to do.

Less tricky

More tricky

June 2nd

Lets kick off the second half of Summer term with some lovely craft work on the Olympics - if you are feeling really clever you could take a picture and upload it to J2E on Hwb so I can see your results!

Science and Technology

There are a lot of different ideas on this website choose one or more according to the materials you have at home (there are a lot of pop ups to close):

At the last Olympics in 2016, 206 countries and territories took part in the Olympics.  Can you use the internet to find out some of them and then try this craft idea:



June 1st

Bore da Dosbarth Port Eynon! I hope you had a lovely half term and made the most of the sunshine. Here are your new mindfulness actions for June:

Health and Wellbeing

May 20th

As you may know, the Summer Olympics happens every 4 years and was supposed to be in Japan this year but has been moved to next summer (2021).  There is another type of games called the Winter Olympics, which features sports that happen on snow and ice - Can you think of any?

Science & Technology

Can you use your laptop, tablet, gaming console or phone to research some of the events that take place during the Winter Olympics.  Make a list on Word in your Hwb account or in J2E.

Literacy & Communication

Have a go at some reading comprehension activities about the Winter Olympics at the bottome of the page.  They are differentiated, and there are easier or trickier activities. Ask someone you live with to help you choose the right level for you. 

Easier -

Trickier -


May 19th

Hello Dosbarth Port Eynon! I really hope that everyone is okay and staying safe and healthy. It is outdoor classroom day on Thursday the 21st, so her are some activities you could use either in your garden or perhaps when you are out on a walk -

If you need cheering up here are some resources from the ELSA (Emotional Learning Support Assistant) website -


May 12th

For those people who are planning on joining our fun quiz tomorrow at 12 the theme will be 'Olympics' (Don't tell Miss Lewis I told you) just so you can do some swatting up!!

Science and Technology/Humanities/Literacy

Here is a task to test your research skills and knowledge of Ancient Greek Sports. Use the internet to research any words or information you don't know. Either print the sheet, edit the PDF or write it out on paper, up to you! (Also at the bottom of the page) - Oympic Event Matching


Try this Olympic maths workbook. Some of the challenges may be a bit tricky so ask your family for help if you need to.  

Here is the work book - Olympic adding and subtracting workbook  Here are the answers - Olympic Workbook answers

For those who fancy something even trickier, find out the number value of each event  - Winter Olympic algebra code cracking

For those who fancy something a little less tricky - custom car garage -

May 11th

Prynhawn da dosbarth Port Eynon! I hope everyone enjoyed the St Madoc activities from last week and your are all keeping healthy and safe. Here are some updated tasks for this week for you to be getting on with.

Health and Wellbeing

It is super important to be exercising regularly whilst we are staying at home.  This link - Netflex (also at the bottom of the page) has tonnes of great exercise and wellbeing sessions you can do at home to stay healthy please have a go either on you own or with your family/pet and let me know how you get on when I call on Friday.

This is also a good way of earning snacks and treats while you are in the house.

Science and Technology

Here are some recipes that were eaten by the Ancient Greeks at the time of the first Olympics Please do not go out of your way to make these - only do so if you have the means and ingredients.  Remember Ancient Greek people did not have electricity and modern cooking methods so some of these take a long time to make! 


May 4th

This week we were due to be going on residential. We’re disappointed that we’re not able to do that at the moment but the Key Stage 3 team have been thinking about some activities you can do along the lines of those we would have done on residential. 

Exploring the site: 
Go on a scavenger hunt around your house or garden. Can you find one item for each colour of the rainbow or something beginning with every letter from your name. 
Meeting the animals: 
Go on a minibeast or bird hunt around your garden. Can you draw or write about the things you find? How many legs do they have? Where did you find them? 

Beach day: 
Build a boat out of recycled materials to carry treasure across the water (your bath). 

Exploring the woods: 
Make a picture using things you find in your garden. 
Can you write your name from sticks, stones, leaves etc? 
Roll a dice then make that numeral out of things you can find in your garden. 
Dip leaves, acorns, rocks etc in paint to create a picture then use twigs and string to make a frame. 
Draw or paint on rocks or stones. 

Circus skills: 
Draw a line, or make a line from string. Stretch your arms out and try to walk along the line without falling off. 
Make juggling balls by filling balloons with water and putting in the freezer to make ice balls or by filling the balloons with rice. Can you juggle them? 

Den building: Can you make yourself a den either in your house or garden? You could use chairs, tables, sheets, clothes horse or whatever you can find. 

Social skills: Play a board game with your family. 
Share a story with someone in your house. 
Enjoy a film with your family. 

Life skills: 
Make your own bed. 
Lay the table before a meal and help clean up afterwards. 
Look after your belongings and remember to put them away when you have finished with them. 
Help make a sandwich or snack. 

May 1st

Wellbeing is more important at the moment than it ever has been.  Try these daily actions to help yourself be mindful during May.


April 30th

Time for some more work on our sporting theme:


At the bottom of this page is a pdf file called 'Sporting Verbs'. Can you think of a sentence for each of the sporting actions.  You can put yourself in the sentence or even someone in your family or a friend from our class.  See if you can think of your own verbs and put them into a sentence. 


Use this resource to practice your sport vocabulary in Welsh. Chwaraeon a hamdden

Health and Wellbeing

****Sport Challenge***** Use the sheet from the task above to try and do all of the sporting actions.  You may need to go into the garden and find a partner if you can for some of the actions. Good luck!!

Science and technology


Athletes and other sportsmen/women have to be very careful about what they eat.  They eat a balanced and healthy diet. This is the Eatwell Guide, you may have seen this before.  Talk to someone in your house about each of the food groups and use the chart above to think of some foods you eat that fit into the different groups.  Use the sheet below titled 'Food task' to sort some of the foods you eat over the next week. You can draw your own plate using the template or use PowerPoint on Hwb to type or paste pictures of your food.


April 28th

Hello Dosbarth Port Eynon, we hope you are staying healthy and managing to keep busy. 


Ask someone in your house to help you decide which of these activities to work on: 

Try to stop Hulk smashing the crates by trying to solve these algebra problems

Arrange these blocks in the correct order

Rescue the stranded people using the helicopter by choosing the correct number

Expressive Arts

Look at the photographs of Ancient Greek pottery vases at the bottom of the page.  These show the different events in the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.  Can you use the template of a vase at the bottom of the page, draw your own on paper or use J2E (Jit5) to create your own version of a Greek vase.


April 23rd

Good Morning everyone there are a number of resources at the bottom of this page about the Olympics.  There is some reading about the Ancient Olympic Games and a task to compare the modern and ancient games combined with a presentation.  

April 20th

Hello Dosbarth Port Eynon, we hope you are all happy and healthy! Welcome to our first day of the Summer term.  To start off our new topic we will be studying the Olympics.  Read through the information below and answer the questions.  Ask an adult to help you to do some further research on the internet about the first Olympic Games.  Also make sure you look through the resources below if you haven't had chance.  Try to keep up to date with your 'Numbots', 'Reading Eggs' and 'Teach Your Monster to Read'.  Use your Read, Write, Inc resources you took home to practice your sounds with an adult - there are resources on here to help you or for an adult to help.  Have a go at the J2E challenge I set below on April 2nd, I can't wait to see your efforts. 

April 6th

Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe and looking after each other.  We have put together some activities if you are looking for ideas to keep busy over the Easter period:

Have you seen the new video from the Pen-y-Bryn staff?  Who can you spot?

April 2nd

Getting bored of your surroundings?  You can virtually leave the house to visit famous places around the world here

Expressive Arts/Science & Technology

Our new theme for the Summer term will be Sport.  Use your Hwb login to go into J2E and create a picture of you playing your favourite sport.  You can be on your own or with friends/family.  We will put your pictures up on the website when they are finished so you can admire each others work.

April 1st

Happy April Fools Day everyone! A big thank you to everyone that joined in with our quiz this morning.  Here is some actions for happiness to help through the month of April.

April Actions for Happiness


March 31st


**Exciting news! Miss Lewis has put together one of her famous quizzes for a bit of fun. We will be doing it at 12 midday tomorrow (Wednesday 1st April). To take part you will need to sign-up to the website in advance . You can also download the app on apple or android from the app store. Pob Luc!!**

Into Film have a great range of resources linked to films on their website[]=1&fk_product_id[]=2&fk_product_id[]=3&tag_cat_100=5&suggestionFilter=isNotClubMemberActivity

Finding it difficult to motivate your child to do school work at home? Cathy recommends using a timetable to structure the day.  A good example (if you are lucky enough to have a printer) can be found at the bottom of the page.


March 30th


Group 1: Use the line graphs to answer the questions. Find out information from the graph.

Group 2: Sort the shapes in to the Venn diagram.


Have you seen what the staff did last week to say hello? Can you spot anyone from Dosbarth Port Eynon?


March 26th

Science & Technology/Humanities

Have a go at some of these Easter science experiments you can do at home if you have the supplies.

Health and Wellbeing

Change 4 life have a range of great active sessions to do at home.



March 24th

Hope everybody is doing well, staying healthy and looking after each other.


Spelling/communication: If you have mastered your new words try using them in a sentence.  Write them down or tell them to your family.  An extra tricky challenge is to try and use your new words when you are talking to your friends and family especially if you are using video calling to talk to them.

Phonics/RWI: Try using this website with your family to work on some of the sounds you took home in your packs -

Communication: Have a go at this game - 20 Questions
20 questions is a wonderful game that can be play with as many people as you wish.  It can enable your Child’s ability to formulate and ask direct questions.  Stand in a circle with one person in the centre. The person in the middle has to think of an object (such as a fruit, animal, clothing) famous place or a known personality. Other people in the group have to identify it by asking a set of 20 questions. The person can respond by saying only yes or no. In case the group fails to guess then the person in the middle is declared the winner.


Please see the link below to the Easter story in PowerPoint.  

Health and Wellbeing

Make sure you are staying active.  Joe Wicks is offerering daily exercise classes here  have a go.  

Science and Technology/Humanities Project

King Arthur's legendary castle was called Camelot. Use your imagination and research on the internet to think what it might have looked like.  Try and use your knowledge of the parts of a castle to design it then use Lego or Minecraft to build it.  Take a picture so we can give prizes for the best effort when we go back to school.


Twinkl have put together resources for parents to use at home. Find them here:


March 18th

Learning packs have been sent home to those who were in school on Monday and Tuesday and will be coming home in the post to those of you who weren't.  Below is a range of online resources:



Reading/phonics skills: We have sent home paper copies of Read, Write, Inc sounds and words, please cut them up and use them to practice reading with your child.  You can make them into games e.g. put the sound cards out - can they find the cards to spell one of the words on the cards? 

Teach you monster to read: You have a log in card for Teach your Monster.  Go to  and log in. The game will have been set up at the appropriate level.  Teach your Monster are also offering their app (the same as the game n the link but can be played on a tablet) for free at the moment. Go to the app store and search Teach your Monster to read.

Reading: Log in cards to Oxford Owl have been sent home along with a few books so you will have access to lots of reading books online. Go to click my class login (near the top) and then put in details we gave you.  You will then be able to choose reading books by level based on the ones that were sent home.

Spelling: There should also be spelling sheets in the pack to practice new words.  These can be used for testing if you wish.



Group 1: Continue with Data handling targets:

Group 2: Continue with Sorting and classifying targets (this may not be very challenging):

Numbots: You have log on cards for numbots online maths 


Health & Wellbeing

Go noodle: It is important to think of our physical health and wellbeing.  In class we begin everyday with our breakfast and then Go noodle activities to get us moving.  There are also mindfulness relaxation activities and coordination skills.  You can sign up here 



If you are not already subscribed to schoop, please download it from the app store.  Here are the details for singing up

Please make sure you add your child's name and subscribe to our class Port Eynon.  We will be able to use this to communicate with you. If you need anything, please send a private message via the school Facebook page @ysgolpenybryn and we will do our best to get back to you.

More activities will be added next week.


Easter story

A Shortened version of the Easter Story.

Home Learning Timetable

Timetable for home learning

Olympics in Ancient Greece

A PowerPoint about the Olympics in Ancient Greece

Sport pictures Ancient Olympics

Ancient Greek Sport Pictures

Ancient Olympic Boardgame

Boardgame about the Ancient Olympics

History of the Olympics

Information about the Start of the Olympics

Olympics Lesson

Comparing ancient and modern day Olympics

Comparing Olympics Activity

Comparing the Olympic games differentiated activity sheet

Greek Vase Photographs

Photographs of Ancient Greek Pottery with pictures of the original Olympic events.

Vase Template

Template of an Ancient Greek vase to decorate

Sporting Verbs

Verbs to describe sporting actions

Food task

Sort your foods from the week into the different groups.





Olympic Event Matching

Match the Olympic Events with their description

Olympic Adding and Subtracting Workbook

Olympic Adding and Subtracting Workbook

Workbook answers

Answers for adding and subtracting workbook

Code cracking

Use algebra skills to crack the Winter Olympic code.

Easier Winter Olympics Reading Comprehension

Easier Winter Olympic Reading Comprehension

Trickier Winter Olympic Reading Comprehension

Trickier Winter Olympic Reading Comprehension

Winter Olympic Host Countries

Winter Olympic Host Countries

Olympic Welsh

A resource to encourage Welsh conversation about favourite pastimes.

Less Tricky Code Breaking

Less tricky Winter Olympic code breaking

More Tricky Code Breaking

Trickier code breaking activity

Fruit Mystery

Less Tricky Fruit Mystery

Medal Mystery

More Tricky Medal Mystery

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks information about staying fit and healthy.

Staying Fit Task

Staying Fit Task

Martin Luther King Jr

Differentiated Comprehension task about Martin Luther King Jr

Design a Mascot

Design an Olympic Mascot

Korean Food

Exploring food in Korea like you went to the Winter Olympics in 2018.

Flag match

Matching flags with their countries

Flipgrid Guide

Guide to using flipgrid

Flag Quiz

Quiz of world flags

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Reading task about Jessica Ennis-Hill

Pals Olympics

A maths task about a group of friends doing their own Olympics.

Olympic Maths Problems

An Olympic maths workbook

Workbook answers

Olympic Maths Workbook Answers

Ellie Symonds

Comprehension task about Ellie Symonds

Ellie Symonds

Comprehension task about Ellie Symonds

Football Championship Missing Trophy Maths

Less tricky (but still a bit tricky) Maths work Book

Sports Day

Missing Sportsday trophy (More tricky)

Healthy Living

Information on living a healthy life.

Healthy eating sorting

Sorting out food into healthy and unhealthy

Medal design

Design your own Olympic Medal

What am I Animals

What am I guessing game with animals.

What am I food.

What am I guessing game with a food theme.

What am I household

What am I household object theme.

Redesign Olympic Rings

Redesign the Olympic logo and Motto.

Olympics Comprehension

Less tricky Olympic Comprehension

Olympics Comprehension 2

Tricky Olympic Comprehension activity

Olympic Comprehension 3

More Tricky Olympic Comprehension activity

Dissolving experiment

Science experiment about dissolving.

Fireworks in a glass experiment

Fireworks in a glass experiment

Fun with density experiment

Experiment about density.

Lava lamp

Lava lamp science experiment.

1cm Squared paper

1cm Squared paper

Challenge cards

Maths Olympics challenge cards

Diver cut-out

Cut-out of an Olympic diver.

Footballer finger puppets

Footballer finger puppets

Paper aeroplane

How to make a paper aeroplane


Olympic measure instructions

Notice Board see all

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What is THRIVE?

What is Thrive?

Thrive is an approach to supporting the emotional development of our pupils. Thrive helps us to better understand the needs being signaled by their behaviour, and gives us targeted strategies and activities to help them better engage with learning. Thrive also comes with an online tool to assess and collate data on how our pupils are progressing in terms of their emotional development.

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Parent Partnership Services Website
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