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Dosbarth Port Eynon

Welcome to Dosbarth Port Eynon. This term our theme is 'Food Glorious Food'.

18th January

Hello everyone or should I say buongiorno and welcome to our Italian food week! I hope you all had a lovely relaxed weekend and you are staying healthy and safe. Today you will need to read this information on Italian food:
then complete the worksheet in your ClassDojo portfolio. I will also be sending out your spelling sheets for the week.
Write in the comments box if you have tried any of the food in the link and if you liked them or not. Alternatively you could video yourself talking about your Italian food experiences.
I hope you all have a great day!

15th January

Good morning Dosbarth Port Eynon! Welcome back to the second installment of 'Food tasting Friday'!! The twist of this challenge for today is to try something that is made from or contains chocolate which should be a lot easier than last week. I will post some recipes below but you are welcome to look for your own using the internet.  Don't forget our chocolate themed quiz on Quizizz at 12 o'clock - Miss Lewis will send you the code at around 11 am - make sure you have read the information I have posted on chocolate this week. All the staff hope you have a fantastic weekend and we will see you back here on Monday ready for a new food themed week -  if there are any places you would like to visit on our food tour please get in touch.

Food tasting sheet

BBC Good food -

Chocolate Crackles

Coconut and raspberry chocolates 

Mayan Hot chocolate

Chocolate making recipe

14th January

Hi everyone! Its Cadbury day today! Lets celebrate the most famous chocolate company in the world.  Read the History of Cadbury chocolate below, can you believe that they started making the Crunchie bar 92 years ago in 1929!! I would like you to use the internet to research designs of chocolate bars from Cadbury and other companies such as Mars, Nestle, Fry's and Hershey to see what their wrappers look like, then create your own design on the worksheet below.  We will also be doing a quiz at 12 on Friday all about chocolate and the information we have posted this week.

The History of Cadbury 

Design a Chocolate Bar

13th January

Bore da everyone! Hope you are all healthy and happy. The next step is to find out where chocolate comes from. Read the information below and then order the steps on the worksheet.

Where chocolate comes from

Chocolate process ordering and matching

If you have time use Google maps to find Wales then Brazil and Ghana. Label and colour the world map below.

World map

12th January

Hi everybody, Day 2 of Chocolate Week is here! Here is a table to use to find out what people's favourite chocolate bar is. Ask your family and friends what their favourite is.  Make sure you check with your parents if you are using a phone or social media to contact people, and only contact people you know!  There are lots of comments on the school story of ClassDojo if you want to get more results for your chart. Have fun!

I also have new logins for you for a new maths website called Mathletics, I will send your details via ClassDojo. Log in, have a go and let me know if you have any problems.

Chocolate Bar Survey template - You can also make your own if you wish.  Upload your survey to the portfolio section of ClassDojo.

11th January

Bore da! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and you are all looking after your family. You will be excited to know that this week is Chocolate Week, WOOHOO! 

So where better to start than with the history of chocolate?

History of chocolate


Here are some chocolate based comprehension tasks in order of trickiness.  Either ask someone to help you choose a level or start at level one and see how you get on.

Chocolicious level 1

Chocolicious level 2

Chocolicious level 3

Our book for this term is Charlie and the chocolate factory.  If you have a copy or can manage to get a copy it would be amazing if you start reading the first 3-4 chapters with a member of your family or on your own.

8th January

Bore da pawb its food tasting Friday!! Below is everything you will need for your food tasting Friday adventure.  Choose a recipe or a food that you have never tried before.  There are a range of no cook recipes below to choose from or you could use the internet to search for a recipe (make sure you check with your family). A good website is BBC Good food -  Try to use items that you already have in your house.  Use the worksheet below and the food adjective help sheets to comment on the recipe or food you tried and most of all involve your family and have fun! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, stay safe and look after each other.

Food tasting worksheet

Food adjectives (describing words)  and more food adjectives

Balloon cake pop

Bear on toast

Caterpillar salad

Crunchy rainbow pasta salad

Egg mayo sandwich

Fairtrade Lemonade

Little Red Riding Hood Snack

Magic wand fruit kebabs

Owl on toast


7th January

Bore da everyone.  We are going to continue with the New Year theme today but take a look at one of the strangest New Year traditions in the world from here in Wales.

Read the information below and have a go at the tasks.

Hen Galan

Mari Lwyd


Comparison Worksheet

Use Google Maps to see if you can find Cowbridge, Aberystwyth and Cwm Gwaun (Gwaun valley) where they still celebrate Yr Hen Galan.

6th January 2021

Bore da and Happy New Year to all of our brilliant pupils and families! Here we are learning from home again! Keep an eye out for daily whole school tasks posted on the 'whole school' feed of ClassDojo, there will also as usual be work posted in our 'Portfolios' section of Dosbarth Port Eynon and on our section of the website. Most of the tasks posted will be pdf files that can either be printed, then photographed and uploaded to ClassDojo or alternatively edited in J2PDF in J2E on Hwb. Pupils can also continue to access their Reading Eggs accounts and there are educational programmes being shown on BBC One. Stay safe and well.

New year is a time for reflecting on last year and to set some challenges and targets for the upcoming year.  Here are some New Year tasks to have a go at:

New year resolutions

Less tricky New Year comprehension (3 levels)

More tricky New Year comprehension (3 levels)

14th December

Bore da Dosbarth Port Eynon, welcome back to learning from home! Most of our home learning tasks are Christmas themed this week.  You can post any of your completed tasks on ClassDojo for us to see all of the work you do this week. Have a go at the craft packs, your spelling words, and maths task we sent home.  I will also send your Reading Eggs logins on ClassDojo.  Here are some tasks to have a go at:

Christmas Minecraft

Night Before Christmas


J2E Create a Christmas Card

WWE Roman Reigns

We hope you have a fantastic week. Make sure you are looking after your family and being helpful at home.  Here a link to a Makaton Nativity story if you need to get in the festive mood:

Makaton Nativity


6th November

I hope everyone had a lovely Bonfire Night last night and if you managed to do some of the activities this week you understand a bit more about how and why we celebrate it.

Here some activities for the end of the week - We hope you have a fantastic weekend and we will see you bright and early Monday morning!

Literacy - Bonfire night poetry

Bonfire Night Wordsearch

Sci & Tech -

5th November

Hi everyone its Thursday Enterprise day today and we are lucky enough to have the lesson from Mr Williams! Hope everyone is doing well, not long before we are back in school now, make sure you are being good at home and listening to your family!

Enterprise Week 7 - Expressive Arts


4th November

Bore da everyone here are some tasks to try this Wednesday. I hope you are having a good week at home and looking after your family.

Expressive Arts - Firework Printing, Foil sparklers, Handprint bonfire, Rocket making

Test your knowledge and the work you have done on the Gunpowder Plot:

Humanities - Loop cards and Quiz

Safety on Bonfire Night is really important:

Literacy - Bonfire Night Comprehension

We sadly can't go to a firework display at the moment but use organise this story to put it in the order you think is correct:

Literacy - The Bonfire Night Out


3rd November

Happy Tuesday Pawb! Hope everyone is doing well. Here are some more tasks to get your teeth into:

Sci & tech - Firework cookies (external site)

Literacy - Bonfire Night Words within words

Humanities - Do some research about Guy Fawkes. You can start here on the BBC Website

Enterprise Expressive arts - Gunpowder Plot

Expressive arts - Design a firework (maybe try the techniques below)

2nd November

Bore da everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic half term holiday.  We are very sorry not to be seeing you back in school today but looking forward to catching up with you next Monday and finding out what you have been doing.

In addition to you using Reading Eggs, TT Rockstars and/or Numbots, this week our home learning theme will be 'Bonfire Night' and the 'Gunpowder plot'.  We will learn about how Bonfire night started and think about how we will celebrate it this week.  Here is some videos to watch about the gunpowder plot:

Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot  

Horrible Histories - Bonfire Safety Tips

Here is some information about the Gunpowder Plot:

Humanities - Gunpowder plot information

Here are some tasks for you to do at home:

Literacy - Guy Fawkes Comprehension - Ask a family member to help you choose which task to do.

Expressive Arts - Craft Catherine Wheel

Science & Technology - Edible Sparklers

Numeracy - Individual tasks will be put on your J2E.

We hope you have a great week and make sure you keep checking back here for more home learning tasks.


16th October

Bore da everyone, just to let you know we are doing a Quizizz ( quiz again at 11am. There will be a majority of harvest questions in there and you can find the information in the info from the 12th October. I have sent the join code on ClassDojo.
Please ensure you have entered the code and joined the quiz by 10.59am. 

Lets try and get as many people involved as we can.

As we usually cook on Friday, here is a selection of brilliant recipes to try at home from the BBC website - BBC Recipes

Please also see our fantastic 'Harvest Samba' song on facebook - here.

Hope you have a brilliant weekend of freedom, we will see you all on Monday.

15 October

Happy Shwmae Day everyone! Today, we have an exciting new Enterprise Task from Mr Williams, use the QR codes to access the tasks.  We also have a spooky Halloween  Welsh task to celebrate 'Shwmae Day'. Hope you are all happy and staying safe at home.

Enterprise task - Film Skills 5 

Halloween 'Shwmae Day' task - Halloween figures


14th October

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well and working hard at home! Here is some Harvest themed reading tasks, the first is a differentiated task that you will need the help of someone in your family to help you choose which one you do, the others are short reads with a few questions:

1. Harvest Festival Reading Comprehension

2. Cauliflowers Fluffy

3. Harvest Around the World

4. Harvest Bread Recipe

5. The Greedy Farmer

You will also find an Autumn garden search task in your files on J2E if you would like to make use of the sunshine and get out into the garden.

Hope you have a great day.

13th October

Bore da pawb! I have uploaded some maths activities to you J2E accounts. You can login using your Hwb login details.  Once you have logged in, go to 'my files' and you will find them in there.  Please let me know on Class Dojo if they are too easy/tricky.


12th October

Bore da Dosbarth Port Eynon, I hope you had a lovely weekend! Our key stage theme this week is 'Harvest' so we will be doing a few activities to celebrate this special time of year.  

To find out more about Harvest, please see the information packs below:

Harvest at home

Harvest around the World

Here is a food tasting task to have a go at. Try to be brave and taste somethings you have never had before especially healthy food like vegetables or fruit (potatoes don't count as vegetables!).  It has also been shared on J2E if you wish to edit it there - just make sure you save your own copy.  It is important to say if you like or dislike the food you tasted and the reason why.

Food tasting task

Now you have read about harvest see if you can think of some things about harvest you can put into an acrostic poem.  Here is a template that will also be on J2E.

Acrostic HARVEST poem

Remember we also need some harvest artwork (see ideas below) to go into our Key Stage 3 sign 'Harvest Samba' song  by Thursday and questions for the Amanda Tapping interview for Mr Williams ASAP.


Ever used apple stamps before? If not look here -   
Autumn handprint tree -   
Toilet roll scarecrow -     
Leaf salt painting -   
Lion leaf craft -   

Leaf Ghosts and other ideas at - 


9th October

Bore da pawb! As we would be cooking this morning, here is a Joseph themed rainbow biscuit recipe to try at home. 

Rainbow biscuit recipe

We will be having a quizziz quiz at 11am today, I will send out the login details on ClassDojo.  Don't forget to get your questions up on flipgrid for Amanda Tapping - alternatively send me the questions on ClassDojo or J2E/Hwb to forward to Mr Williams.  Also make sure to do a video to say hello or show us what you have been doing at home this week.  

Let me know if you would like to be part of the harvest song next week, either in the video or give us some lovely Harvest artwork to include.

We hope you have a lovely weekend at home and make sure you are good!

8th October

Bore da Dosbarth Port Eynon! 

As it is usually Enterprise day on a Thursday, we have a second task from Mr Williams about film skills. Scan the QR codes on the bottom of the first sheet to find the tasks (use your Hwb login if it asks you to login to j2e).  Don't forget to get your video questions for Amanda Tapping up on Flipgrid - use your Hwb login as a 'Microsoft user'.

Click here for film skills task


7th October

Bore da everyone! I hope you are all happy and safe at home. 

Mr Williams has set-up a very exciting interview with one of the stars of Stargate - Amanda Tapping. I would like you to research Amanda and watch her in action (there are clips on youtube). Once you have done that, think of some questions to ask her. Use this template from Mr Williams to record your questions (I have shared a pdf version in J2E that can be edited in 'J2pdf' and saved without needing to print).  once you have thought of some questions, I would like you to use your Hwb login to login to Flipgrid and record your questions on video in the style of an interview (You can dress up if you wish). Make sure you introduce yourself by saying your name first and speak slowly and clearly into the camera. I will send you the code for the flipgrid group on ClassDojo.


11th September

Apologies for the technical difficulties here are some tasks if you get chance today.  


100 square more or less:

Colour by numbers:

Gunpowder Plot Information

Gunpowder Plot Information

Guy Fawkes Comprehension

Guy Fawkes Comprehension

Edible Sparklers

Recipe For Edible Sparklers





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