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During this unprecedented time we are using this website to support you with home learning.

Our pupils learn best through a multisensory approach as apposed to worksheet based learning. With that in mind we have come up with some practical activities that can engage our pupils and support them in their learning.

An excellent website to give you some background knowledge and understanding (and is free for 2 weeks) is:



Week Beginning 18th May


This week our activities are all based around the story 'The Gruffalo'. There are lots of lovely practical ideas that you can do indoors or outdoors.

Also, this week is Mental Health Awareness week. At the moment this is more important than usual as we try to cope with these unusual and difficult circumstances. Try to things that you all enjoy and see if you can find some time for you. Be kind to yourselves. Be Safe and Stay Happy.

All of us at Dosbarth Cwm Ivy are missing the children and can't wait to see them again!



Week Beginning 11th May



This week our activities are all based around insects. There are lots of sensory based activities that you should be able to make at home with the resources you already have or are readily available.

Also, please use this link if you are looking for more visual support in addition to what I have previously provided. This could further support routines at home for you all. 

I will be in contact this week and hope you are all doing well.



Week Beginning 4th May

This week's activities planning is now uploaded. This week we are looking at sport. Because there is not currently any sport being played we have tried to think of fun ways to incorporate sports into the pupils' learning. Myself and the class staff are missing the children so much!

Have fun! Stay safe!


Week beginning 27th April

Hello, I hope you all had a good weekend. It was nice to speak to you all again on Friday. This week the theme is based around the book 'We are Going on a Bear Hunt'. There are lots of different ideas for how you can access all areas of the curriculum in a fun and practical way both in the house and outside in your garden or on your daily walk.

Also, you may have heard of an approach that we use in school called 'Attention Autism'. It is led by a lady called Gina Davies and is fantastic for gaining and maintaining attention in a fun way. Here is a link to her YouTube channel. We use this a lot in school and the pupils love it! 

Welsh Government have issued Regulations for people who have specific health conditions or disabilities including learning disabilities, autism or other mental health conditions, which can be supported by an established routine or by exercise outdoors.

Although there is no requirement in law for parents to carry this letter, you may find it reassuring in the current circumstances.

The letter can be found attached at the bottom of this page.



Week Beginning 20th April

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter. It has been lovely catching up with you weekly and as promised, there are some more ideas attached at the bottom of this page of things you can do at home. I have covered all of the areas of the curriculum but please remember that many of the activities cover more than one area. There are lots of ideas so please pick and choose what you feel is suitable for you in your own homes. 

This week we have decided to do 'Rainbows' as our theme. You may have seen our sing and sign videos on Pen-y-Bryn during this period of self isolation; this week we are doing a song dedicated to those working on the front line. We would love it if the pupils could be involved in creating a rainbow that we can incorporate into our video. You will see this as the art activity for this week. 

I hope you have a great week and I will be in contact on Friday.

Stay happy, stay safe.  




Week beginning 30th March 

Hi! I hope you all had a lovely weekend are safe and well. It was lovely to get in contact with everyone and hear how you are all getting along. I look forward to speaking to you all again later on in the week. The staff and I got together last week using zoom and made a video using Makaton. We hope you had the chance to see it and that it brightened your day a little. If not, head over to our FaceBook page to see it and keep an eye out on Friday when a new video will be released!

This week I have attached a file named '31st March activities and ideas'. Have a little look through at some Easter themed activities you could try out. There are also some pencil control and cutting sheets that I have attached. If you do not have access to a printer please don't worry. You can do any of the activities suggested without a printer by doing simple drawings.

Further to a few conversations, I have also added a couple of files with basic daily symbols and days of the week in colour and black and white. You can either print these out or just copy them if you want to do your own timetables. You could also make these into matching activities which would be great!

Also, this website is very useful (and free at the moment) with supplying lots of resources aimed at learners with ASD:

As always, if you need anything please do not hesitate to private message the FaceBook page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Week Beginning 23rd March

Hi! We hope you are all well. All the class staff and myself are missing you. Don't forget, if you need any help at all during this period of home schooling you can private message the school Facebook page and I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. 


As well as the activities, websites and suggested Apps I have a few ideas for you this week which you can do with your child.



read or watch on youtube our traditional tale of the week 'The Little Red Hen' 

share any favourite picture book stories


try doing some simple activities around the home e.g. helping with washing by pairing socks

helping to lay the table for example: saying 'match' when holding out a fork or taking a picture  and printing a place setting (if you have access to a printer)


take advantage of the weather! Go out in the garden, play catch or set up an obstacle course for example.


Nature art - collect sticks and leaves in the garden and use them to paint a natural paint brush (attach leaves to stick with elastic band) and paint with it. If you do not have paints try mark making with water on the ground or walls outside.


Make bread! measuring, following instructions, mixing and kneading are all fantastic skills that are covered in this one fun activity! Plus you get to share some delicious bread at the end of it!

Humanities - History

Take pictures of any activities you do throughout the week. If you can print them out, great! If not just scroll through on your phone and try to talk about what you did with your child. If you can print them, order them and use time connective words i.e first, next to describe the order.



These are all suggestions of activities to build on your child’s understanding. It’s important to understand that any positive interaction are learning opportunities and build communication. Many of these activities cover a breadth of the National Curriculum.


Some nice sensory and practical activities to do from home that cover all areas of the curriculum.


Useful websites that you can access for free from home


Useful APPs to help you support children at home with their learning

bunny pencil control

fine motor skills

rabbit cutting skills

Easter themed cutting skills activity

31.3.2020 ideas and activities

Eater themed Activities and Ideas based on the curriculum for you access from home.

Basic Daily symbols

to help with daily timelines

days of the week symbols

symbols to support understanding

rainbows 20.4.2020

Activities and Ideas covering all areas of the curriculum to teach from home.

tray insert

rainbow sensory writing tray insert

Covid19 and autism

Key information to support you during the Corona Virus pandemic


'We're Going on a Bear Hunt ideas and activities

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Story

A PowerPoint version of the Story

Permissions Letter

A letter to support you if you need to go out more than once a day.


Suggested activities linked to sports


this week's activity is all about insects and minibeasts!


Gruffalo Week!

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