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Croeso i ddosbarth Brandy Cove.    

Hello to my lovely class.

I hope you all had a really good half term. This week we are working from home to keep everyone safe.

I will send a dojo message for you to be able to log in to dojo yourself. You can upload any work or videos you do there or on your hwb account. I will also be ringing you to see how you all are. There are lots of things you can do this week. There is a list below. Have a good week and take care.


1. Literacy

Practice your handwriting. You can write letters or words and try to do them as neatly as possible. The first 100 high frequency words can be found on this link.

If you can spell them all see if you can put them into a sentence. You could also paint letters and words, cut them out of magazines, make them out of leaves and twigs. How many different ways can you make a letter or word?


2. Numeracy

Practice online on the topmarks website. You can practice your targets by playing some money games. The link is below.

You can play other fun games on here to. Maybe if you have some money in the house you can add it up to see how much you have. You could also set up a role play shop and buy things for lunch.


3. Music

Its a little early but lets have some fun! Our Christmas concert class songs are ''We wish it could be Christmas everyday'' and We wish you a Merry Christmas''. One f the links is below. You could practice singing along to these and learning the words. You'll need to bring a Christmas jumper in with you when we get back to film it.


4. Art

Try drawing or painting some of your favourite characters from the Lion King. You can upload them onto hwb or dojo


5. Science and technology

Find out about the weather in the savannah. Choose an animal and find out 5 facts about them. It could be about what lions like to eat. Or it could be about how meerkat's camouflage. There are lots of animals to choose from.


Have a lovely week. See you on Monday

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