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Dosbarth Rhossili will be doing lots of different activities based around our theme of 'Pirates' this term! 

In literacy we will be doing a number of activities based around our topic book ‘Pirate Pete and his Smelly Feet’.  We will be solving clues to find a message in a bottle from Pirate Pete. He will be giving us tasks to do throughout the term ending in hosting our own pirate party. We will be going on an outdoor story walk, learning the signs for the story, answering comprehension questions using Symwriter, creating a story mountain, drawing a story map, changing the story and writing pirate poetry. Every week we will also have phonics sessions, handwriting practice, spellings, story time, one-to-one reading and pirate role play and sensory tray activities.

In mathematics and numeracy we will be developing our counting, number and place value sequencing/sorting, addition and subtraction and measuring skills. 

In Welsh we will use incidental Welsh throughout our school day. In our lessons we will be learning the Welsh words for different seaside items and scenarios. 

In Science we will be learning about the properties of different materials this term so we can help ‘Pirate Pete’. We will be investigating the best material for a hat to keep him dry on his ship, hard and soft materials to make the best bed and which materials float and sink to design a new boat to carry all his gold!

In music the pupils will be learning different pirates songs this term. They will use their knowledge of different instruments to add their own music and signs.

We will also attend weekly sing sign assemblies

In ICT this term we will be using the iPads and laptops to develop our understanding of and retell our literacy story. We will be recreating scenes and retelling the story using StoryVisualizer, I Can Animate, PuppetPals, green screen and then iMovie to edit it all together.

In PSE every morning we will start the day with a class thrive breakfast. We will sit together and talk about our day, any worries we have or anything nice that we’ve done. And want to share. We will also have weekly wellbeing sessions where we use music to make us feel good!

In PE this term we will be focusing on athletics ready for sports day! We will be practicing the basic movements of running, jumping and balance.  

In D&T we will be using what we have learnt in Science about materials to design and create a boat that will need to carry 5 pieces of gold across our water tray! We will also be making a class pirate themed game for our pirate party.

In RE we will be learning about Hinduism this term. We will be doing lots of Hindu crafts to learn about the symbols, gods and traditions in this religion. 

In history we will be researching and exploring the history of pirates! We will be going on a trip to the Swansea Waterfront Museum for a workshop to learn about Barti Ddu.  We will also be learning about pirate food, flags and jobs.

In art we will be doing lots of activities based around our topic of pirates!  This will include creating pirate ship portholes, transparent ship paintings, using natural materials to create an outdoor pirate ship collage, bubble wrap textured fish, sand collages, clay fish and oil pastel and water paint pictures.

It's going to be a very exciting term!


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09 May 2019 - 29 December 2029


Our school is proud to announce that we have adopted a new app for schools called Schoop. Schoop will improve the way we communicate with you and our school community. With your valuable involvement, your children‛s education and the whole school will benefit.



Download the app by browsing the correct link below on your phone.

Schoop ID: 26633

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Transition into Adulthood Event 2019

Come and share your experiences and have your voice heard Wednesday 3rd July 2019

9.30 for tea and coffee, 10am start. 14.30 finish

Scout and Guide Headquarters, Brynmill, Swansea

Choice of discussion groups with the opportunity to share thoughts, suggestions and experiences.

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