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Eco Council - Our Targets

The Eco Council have been looking back at the environmental review that we did last year. They talked about what areas we are already doing well in and which areas we need to improve. They decided that we didn't do very well in the recycling section of the review so decided that waste should be one of our target areas. They also thought it would be nice to improve our school grounds and to make sure that there wasn't any litter

The Eco Council then brainstormed ideas to imrpove these 3 target areas. This then formed our action plan for the next year. 

The Eco Council also used this action plan to design our schools new Eco Code! We are going to do an assembly soon to promote it to all the school! Our school mascot Eric the Eagle is going to help us to film a video to let everyone know how to keep to our code. 

Every week the Eco Council will turn into Eco Spies to check that classes are putting the correct items in their recycling bins. 


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